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> Mary-Suzanne wrote in message <>...
>> >>    [3] put skulls in yer shoelaces
>> >I've got spider charms on them - does that count?
>> My gothcard may be revoked, but I don't like spiders.  However with very
>> little prompting, I can be coerced into telling my creepy spider story as
>> mitigating factor.
>poke prod prompt coerce twist arm...  ((hint hint))

Once upon a time I was a Boy Scout.

Shut up!

NEway, I went to Philmont Scout Camp in Cimarron NM (where all those old
crappy westerns that my dad used to watch were shot), which was really cool.
I like the Rockies.

So how do you keep from dehydrating (especially for a lowlander like me)?
You drink about a quart of water before going to bed.  This also helps you
wake up early in the morning (due to bladder pressure) so you can hike
before it becomes (literally) 110 degrees.

One morning I'm lying in my pup tent (the one-person small thing) waking up
at 4:00 am.  Now, here we talk about what a wolf spider is.  It doesn't
bite.  It isn't poisonous.  It *is* very hairy, creepy, tarantula looking,
and only slightly smaller than a tarantula.  It is also right on top of my

Of course, I'm not completely awake yet, so I haven't noticed.  What I have
done is begin to do what I do every day when I wake up.  Yawn.

In short order I was:
   fully awake
   feeling the furry legs move around in my mouth
   standing up and ripping my tent out of the ground
   hearing the screech "eee eeee!" from *inside* my head
   peeing myself silly

The moral of this story is:

I don't like spiders.


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