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From  (George Schaaf)
Organization   University of Florida
Date           8 Nov 1996 21:18:02 GMT
Newsgroups     rec.scouting.usa
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Hi everyone,

I'm a 19 y/o sophomore at the University of Florida (home o' the #1 Gators...) and recieved my Eagle Scout award this past August.

I am in a bit of a dillema: (1) I'd like to become a member of the staff at a High Adventure base (preferably Philmont or Northern Tier -- not Sea Base!) However, I don't know how to go about applying, what their requirements are, or whether I even have a chance.

(2) I already have a pretty steady job back home in a law office, which might prove pretty important for getting into law school in a couple of years.

I guess what I'm asking is: What should I do? I know it's up to me, but I've wanted to work at a HA base since I went on a Philmont Cavalcade 4 years ago. On the other hand, I'm pretty lucky to have the job I do back home.

Is it possible to become a ranger later on, like when I'm, oh, say 23 or so? What do y'all think?

Thanks for the help,


Re: Getting on staff at High Adventure bases

From           Robert Evans <>
Organization   Waterways Experiment Station
Date           Fri, 08 Nov 1996 16:15:03 -0600
Newsgroups     rec.scouting.usa
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Do all you can to get on staff at a high adventure base. You will never regret it. I definitely wish I had done so. After all, there are thousands of people who work in a law office for a summer job, but how many get to work at a HA base? There will be plenty of time to work in an office!

Bob Evans


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Re: Getting on staff at High Adventure bases

From           Daniel Sturgeon <>
Organization   BellSouth.Net
Date           Fri, 08 Nov 1996 18:12:50 -0800
Newsgroups     rec.scouting.usa
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Philmont "does not descriminate on the basis of age,..." Get the idea. Yes, many rangers are older and not necessarily 18 or 19 years old. To get an application write:

Philmont Scout Ranch
Cimarron, New Mexico
You may also want to hold another job if you have the certification or desire. Ranger positions are the hardest to get.
Trek 92 (7-28-B2)
" Staff 95, 96

Re: Getting on staff at High Adventure bases

From: "William F. Cass" 
Newsgroups: rec.scouting.usa
Subject: Re: Getting on staff at High Adventure bases
Date: 10 Nov 1996 20:36:55 GMT
Organization: Chester County Internet Services, Inc.
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Send a letter requesting an employment pack to:
Mr. Dean Tooley
Assistant Director of Program
Philmont Scout Ranch
Cimarron, New Mexico 87714
Right now is a good time to apply, and college students tend to get the better jobs (as opposed to being fresh out of high school which usually precludes the best entry level jobs of rangering or working as a program counselor). 23 is rather old in the rangering game. The employment packet spells it all out.

For Northern Tier, request an employment kit:

att: Mr. Joseph Mattson
     Assistant Director of Program
     Northern Tier High Adventure Programs, BSA
     P.O. Box 509
     Ely, MN 55731
To work at Sommers, your canoeing and land navigation skills need to be top drawer. Good Luck.

Re: Getting on staff at High Adventure bases

Organization   America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364) (1.10)
Date           11 Nov 1996 13:49:42 GMT
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Working at Philmont is a wonderfull experience. I worked there for the first time in 1989. The following summer I missed out because I had joined the military. I did not think much of it again untill I had picked up a ROTC scholarship and wanted to work there again for the summer. Unfortunately, the Navy always had several of the summer weeks scheduled for me on a ship. I finally made it back on staff in 1995. After commisioning I took a delay (time off) for the summer to work there. The only problem with working at Philmont is the urge to return. I have a constant desire to work there. This last summer I took leave so that I could spend two weeks working to help set Philmont up for the season. As I said, the only problem is that the path you think you want your life to take might change to include Philmont. I understand that the other High Adventure Bases have the same effect.

Peter J. Cates
Eagle Scout '88
Vigil Honor '86

Re: Getting on staff at High Adventure bases

From: cx553@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Lawrence P. Murtaugh)
Newsgroups: rec.scouting.usa
Subject: Re: Getting on staff at High Adventure bases
Date: 11 Nov 1996 22:05:42 GMT
Organization: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH (USA)
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Message-ID: <5687vm$nfm@alexander.INS.CWRU.Edu>
Reply-To: cx553@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Lawrence P. Murtaugh)

I did not see the original post on this subject, but if you are looking for a positon at a high adventure base you should check out the Tinnerman Canoe Base, which is owned and operated by the Greater Cleveland Council and located near Sudbury, Ontario. If you like canoeing this could be a good spot for you.


Re: Getting on staff at High Adventure bases

Organization   ioNET
Date           Tue, 12 Nov 1996 02:53:14 GMT
Newsgroups     rec.scouting.usa
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George and others,

IMHO being a Staff member at Philmont (I do not know about other HA) will affect your life in a way that being a lawyer or many other professions ever will.

I have a friend that has been working in a law firm in DC for the past several years and at Philmont in the summer time. She has found that her employers appreciate her enough to let her go in the summer time and return in the Fall. She is not a lawyer, but is looking down that route and worries about the same things you do. "Course she came to Philmont first - her ultimate downfall in any life decision making process in the future :) .

Don't waste time writing:

Philmont Scout Ranch
Cimarron, NM 87714


505 376-2281
Or wait until the last minute to get a great job: Call the last week off May. Not kidding :)

Way too long time Staff member,

Re: Getting on staff at High Adventure bases

From  (Eric Nelson)
Organization   Altair Engineering, Inc.
Date           12 Nov 1996 14:20:28 GMT
Newsgroups     rec.scouting.usa
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There's no reaon why you couldn't do it in a few years, but you won't have as many summers left before going on to 'the real world if you wait'. I was a ranger at Philmont for 2 terrific summers before moving into the auto industry and I think back on those summer VERY fondly every June when I know we would be seam sealing tents and going on ranger training. There aren't many jobs where you can get paid to hike, camp, and interact with people from all over the country. Philmont is a unique experience for the campers, the advisors, and the staff (as are the other bases I know-- I went to Florida once and also to Northern Wisc Canoe Base when it still existed).

I would say most of the staff at Philmont is in college, but that doesn't mean you can't go and do it later. They get a lot of applications so call 'em up and get your application ASAP. Sounds like you are totally qualified, but I don't know when the application deadline is (or was). They usually have some people that flake out for personal or school reason though so send in your application even if it's passed the deadline.

Good Luck!

Eric Nelson

ps-email me if you have any specific questions and I'd be glad to talk about my experiences.

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