Philmont Statistics: mid-July 2002

Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 07:36:36 -0700
From: "Donald S. Roberts" <>
Subject: [Philmont]: Back from PTC Relationships Week
I just got back from Philmont yesterday. I was at PTC for the week during their relationships week (all the religious groups meet during that week).

In no particular order:

I had never seen mentioned that CHQ and PTC were on the plains. I had thought it was up in the mountains (at 6600 feet, this California boy expected that).

The food was of mixed quality. Sometimes good, sometimes awful. They consistently messed up the vegitables - overdone and poorly chosen.

The cereals at breakfast that were available as alternatives included raisin bran, corn flakes, cheerios and rice krispies. The staff dining hall had cocoa puffs, lucky charms and fruit loops. I snuck into the staff dining hall on my last day and got cocoa puffs. The cafeteria folks pretended to be surprised that all the sweet cereals were only offered in the staff dining hall.

Spent a lot of time driving around the north country (the burned area) surveying the burn damage. Went to Ponil, Pueblito, hunters lodge, etc. and the buildings were undamaged. They are planning to open up those areas tomorrow for treks. The fire damage is mostly hillsides and ridges, so the campsites are in good shape.

Keith Calloway, Doug and Brian were not real receptive to hearing about changing the call in procedures.

Shelly is due to have her baby today.

Crews on their tenth day are truly ripe

Some statitstics learned from Keith, Brian and DOug (the guys in charge):
- Every day, 350 trekkers arrive and leave, representing about 35 crews.
- Only 25% of crews are from east of the Mississippi (so much for listening to statistics on this list)
- There are about 900 philmont staffers, 250 rangers.
- All positions are *not* filled. They do *not* get as amany applications as they have openings (after some number of applicants withdraw from consideration).
- They usually fire 8-10 staff members each year, the usual reasons are Marijuana, drunkenness or non-performance, in about equal proportions. They have only fired one so far this season.
- Even though 200 of the 900 staff members are women, there is very little hanky panky
- Less than 15% of staff have ever been on a trek
- Most of the staff comes from surrounding universities, only a small percentage come from scouting backgrounds
- About 90% of trek injuries occur on the third day. They call it the day 3 syndrome. That is the day the ranger leaves the crew, and usually the last day they know they are near easy transport out.

More later. I have to do some work ...
Donald Roberts
ASM T1201
Fullerton, CA
Eagle class of 73

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