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From: (Vicki Hill)
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Subject: Stopping by Philmont?
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 18:38:50 GMT
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We are planning a family vacation this summer through New Mexico. I have two sons, one a Tiger Cub, one a 1st year Webelos Scout. Since we will be in the neighborhood of Philmont anyway, we were thinking of stopping by so the boys could at least get a feel for where it is and what it is. What, if anything, would be there for 'just-passing-through' visitors to see? Is there a museum, or souvenir shop? Can you even get in the gate if you aren't registered for a camp? I would hate to tell them we will be stopping there and then find out when we get there that it isn't allowed. Thanks, Vicki H.
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Yes, indeed, there are several museums in the area, including the Seton Library, the Old Mill in Cimarron, and the Kit Carson place. All would be great fun for your sons. And, of course, the Trading Post is open to all as well. Have a great time! YiS, Alan R. Houser ** ** Scoutmaster, Troop 24, Berkeley, California ** ** WWW page ** ** Scoutmaster, Mt. Diablo Silverado Council Jamboree Troop #637 ** **
Message-ID: <> Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 15:05:33 -0500 From: Bruce A Black <> Organization: Morris-Sussex Area Council, BSA, NJ Subject: Re: Stopping by Philmont? Newsgroups: rec.scouting.usa
absolutely! The place is open, no gates. You can visit: 1) Philmont Trading Post 2) Philmont Museum and Seton Library 3) Villa Philmonte (home of Waite Phillips before he donated the property to BSA) 4) I am sure that they will let you wander around the Training Center and the trek staging area. While you are in the area, you might want to visit the town of Cimarron, which has a lot of history. I particularly liked the St. James Hotel (120 years old) and the Old Mill Museum. Also be sure and visit the Cimarron Art Museum and Ice Cream Parlor (that's one place, not two!). If you callPhilmont (505-376-2281) I am sure they can give you more info and schedules for the time you plan to be there. Enjoy, Bruce Black Council Commissioner Morris-Sussex Area Council, NJ
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If you call ahead of time, you may also get to tour the Villa Philmonte, Waite Phillips mansion, now used by the training center. That alone is worth the stop. -- Paul S. Wolf, PE Traffic Engineer, Cuyahoga County Engineer's Office - Cleveland, Ohio Past President, Great Lakes Region, Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs Winding Rivers Dist. Advancement Comm., Greater Cleveland Council, BSA
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Not to mention the buffalo pasture and the evening church services at 7 p.m. nightly and the (Villa Philmonte?) museum over at the Training Center. I am not sure, but I believe you could even drop in on the "Philmont Story" campfire held nightly just south of the Seton Museum. And getting "in the gate" is no problem. Just take NM 31 south out of Cimarron and you drive in between the Philmont Training Center and the trading post/trek check-in / NJLIC Training Center. About 7 miles south at Rayado is where the Kit Carson Museum is located and that marks the end of Philmont on the state highway.
From: Rik Bergethon <> Newsgroups: rec.scouting.usa Subject: Re: Stop by Philmont!! Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 04:47:01 -0700 Organization: Rocky Mountain Internet - 1(800)-900-RMII Message-ID: <> Reply-To:
The trip to Cimmarron, NM, is a nice drive from the boredom of New Mexico's I-25, to the beauty of the mountains. They currently are working on the hiway from Raton to Cimmarron, so there may be some construction delays, but the hiway will be wider and smoother. You will pass the Whitten N.R.A. shooting center on the way. They may have a gift shop or information shop, too. I don't know if the shooting center is really open for drop-in visitors. Contact the NRA, they can let you know. When you get to Cimmarron, stop, visit the restroom and get a snack. Waite Phillips built Philmont as his summer retreat from the big city. He build a beautiful mansion, which now is a museum. Philmont is still a working ranch, as it was the day Phillips built it. His brother built another ranch a several miles to the northeast and Ted Turner and Jane Fonda just bought it a couple of years ago for mega-millions. The architecture of Philmont's main lodge has a name but I can't remember it right now, Georgian, perhaps. You can't miss the building as you go south on the road. After touring the museum, you can walk around the area and see the main headquarters area, tent city and of course the trading post, where you can get some Philmont exclusives. Bring your Mastercard or'll spend lots at the trading post. You could spend a whole or half day there, depending on the antsiness of the kids. You can also inquire about treks. I think the deadline for treks for 2000 just passed. You will see, but don't attempt to climb, the Tooth of Time, the boys are too young. Our council holds a Fall Philmont Fellowship there every year and you sort of start to take the place for granted. It's less than two hours from here. Some of us guys even recommend to others stay away from this cot or that one, we have discovered the good ones and the bad ones to sleep in. Don't expect any tours of the scout camp area. Everyone is there to do their job. The reason I recommend you pee in Cimmaron is that I've seen very few ladies restrooms on the campus, and they are scattered out, not necessarily within convenient walking distance. Your husband will even have to go to a different bathroom than your boys. You will see the restriction signs all over the place. Youth staff here, Adult staff there, and non-staff youth another place and non-youth-non-staff-non-normal there. Ithink there is a sign and a bathroom for every person imaginable. Enjoy the trip. Rik Bergethon SM Troop 30 Pueblo, CO
From: (Meirose) Newsgroups: rec.scouting.usa Subject: Re: Stopping by Philmont? Date: 3 Apr 1998 06:19:47 GMT Message-ID: <> Organization: AOL
Just don't expect to get into the backcountry, because you won't. They are very strict on this policy. Chris Meirose Go Sonics!!
From: (Stephen M. Henning) Newsgroups: rec.scouting.usa Subject: Re: Stopping by Philmont? Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 19:41:06 -0500 Organization: Boy Scouts of America Message-ID: <>
There are 26 miles of trails open to Scouter's visiting. I know because I have hiked all of them. Two of these trails visit action centers. Many people take a big detour La Junta, CO (the mellon capital of the world) to see the Indian Kiva where the Koshare Indian Dancers (Boy Scout Troop 232) call home. You can call 1-800-693-5482 to see when they perform. Also at La Junta you can visit Brent's Fort and take in Santa Fe Trail history. If you want to spend a night at Cimarron, there are several motels to choose from. The most notable is the Saint James hotel. It has 2 parts, the old historic (wild west) hotel and a modern motel. For a touch of history ask to stay in the old hotel. You may need reservations for meals at the St. James. Cimarron, a city of 800, has 2 other motels. I recommend the Cimarron Inn & RV Park for those seeking economy in a nice place. A historic hotel B&B is the Casa Del Gavilan which located on private property nestled in Philmont. It is the only classy place near Philmont, but I have never found anyone who went there. Maybe I never met any classy Scouters. -- Cheers, Steve Henning, Reading, Pennsylvania, USA Correct email address is (Please forgive my spam deterrent) Visit my home page at
From: (Vicki Hill) Newsgroups: rec.scouting.usa Subject: Re: Stopping by Philmont? Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 01:48:37 GMT Organization: INTERNET AMERICA Message-ID: <>
Thanks, everyone, for all the great advice! I'm sure my boys will get enjoy getting to see Philmont (and hopefully they'll want to return when they reach Boy Scout age!) Vicki H.
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