Philmont Trek Route 10 (now 5)

Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 22:47:58 -0500
From: David & Monica Harris <>
Subject: RE: [Philmont]: Re: 2002 Trek 5
We did that exact trek in 1993. It was #10 at the time I think.

Al has made a lot of good comments, and I only have a few to add.

1 - Day 3: I will suggest hiking to Crater Lake via Stonewall pass. This adds a little to your hike, but allows you to make the hike to Crater via the trail with probably the most photogenic views of the Tooth on the ranch.

2 - Day 4: If you get out of Crater Lake early enough, you might make it to Miners Park early enough to catch the program there. This will give your group the opportunity to rock climb/rappel at two different camps, a feat few accomplish in a single trip.

3 - Days 4 & 5: Don't forget the possibility of side hiking Trail Peak.

4 - Day 9: We actually opted out of the second layover on our trek and stayed at Lambert's Mine on this night. Lambert's is a nice trail camp. This itinerary change accomplished two things for us. First, it made it easier to work a climb of Big Red into our day. This left us having hit Philmont' s 2nd, 3rd & 4th highest peaks. Second, it made it possible for us to side hike to Cyphers mine for program and their evening 'stomp', well worth the trip and the hike back after dark. The downside of this was the lack of extra time at Cito (they had girls on staff - a big hit with some of our guys), and having to work the Hidden Valley hike into day 11.

5 - Day 11: As I just mentioned, we made a long day even longer by including Hidden Valley in this hike, but it is definitely worth it. We also stopped to make dinner for lunch at Clark's Fork, which only added to the day. As Al mentioned, the trail from Shaefers peak to the Tooth is rocky and awkward. This will probably be one of the more trying times of your trek, especially coming at the end of an already long day.

6 - Day 12: In my opinion there is no substitute for hiking back into base camp. It's worth all the switchbacks and fleeting glimpses of base camp. The sense of pride and accomplishment achieved as you arrive in base camp cannot be matched by an arrival at a 'bus stop' and riding back to camp.

David Harris
Camper '78, Ranger '82 & '84, Advisor '93 & '03
I want to go back!

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