Philmont 2001 Trek 11 (preliminary)

Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 18:47:21 -0600
From: Greg Leuch <>
Subject: Re: [Philmont] Trek 11

(This is a preliminary report. Greg is planning to include a more detailed description on his own Web site.)

Yes! I have done trek 11 (2001)!

Anyway. Trek 11 is a very good, somewhat strenous trek. In ways, the South country is a lot better than the North (but the North has its good sides too!).

Day 1:
Rayado River - A rather nice, unstaffed camp. Right next to Rayado River (Creek?), it is scenic and quiet. Numerous camps and secluded areas. This is your "ranger day".

Day 2:
Lookout Meadow - The first "hell" day. You hike out of Rayado River, and head to Abreau. You haev the choice that morning to do the homesteading. The best thing to do is head out, get to Abreau, and eat breakfast on the rocks near the river (creek?). Do the homesteading program and get ready to rumble! The hike upto Lookout Meadows is rather tiring. All uphill after Abreau. (If you have hiking poles, you'll need them for this. And this is the last you will ever hear about hiking poles from a youth!) After you get up the mountain pass, you will hit the meadow. Very nice! Take a break at the creek and get your water and start purifying there. I wouldn't trust the resivor up at Lookout Meadows. After filling up with water, head up the trail (yes, more climbing). Once you get to camp, it is a nice, secluded camp.

Day 3:
Fish Camp - A nice, scenic hike up to Websters Pass. The best thing to do is eat b-fast on Lookout Peak. Head down after that to Fish. Check-in and see whats new, get camp and the best thing to do is Fish.

Day 4:
Apache Springs - Go North to PJ for your food pickup. DO NOT GOTO Apache Springs first. It just makes things worse trying to hike for the food pickup (trust me, bad experiece!). After going to PJ and getting showers, go down to Apache Springs via Bear Creek. Get into camp, settle down and rest.

Day 5:
Apache Springs - This is your layover day. Relax! Do the activites. Especially the Sweat Lodge.

Day 6:
Clear Creek - A nice, long hike to Clear Creek. Head up Bear Creek Canyon to PJ for your food-pickup. Then hike into Clear Creek. About 8-10 mi, I'd guess (forgot the act #). Have fun, settle in.

Day 7:
Mt Phillips - The fun day, the second hardest day! Do the shooting in the morning before you leave. After that, take your time gettin up to Phillips. Gonna be a bit hard, but it is only 2 miles. When you get to the top, grab Camp #1 if you can. You can set the tents up overlooking the mountains out in the open. And there might be snow on top, so you might be able to boil that water and not ahve to worry about bringing all the water you can carry. (Take many pictures!!!!)

Day 8:
Cypher's Mine - 'Cypher's gotcha!!!!' Do all the activites there. And if you are good, try to earn extra points with the staff doing some work for real food!!! Stomp is awesome! Its one of those things you just have to experience!!!

Day 9:
Cimarroncito - Rock Climb and food pickup. Leave Cyphers early, get to Cimarroncito early to schedule climbing. Also do the Hunting Lodge and you will also have to do a food pickup. Best to do the 5-man group if you can. The hike to Ute Gulch is very nice and scenic. Do the activities, and get some sleep.

Day 10:
Ponderosa Park - You will head out of Cimarroncito, and I seriously recommend doing Hidden Valley. Try to eat breakfast on Window Rock. A very nice area with some awesome views of Tooth Ridge and the valley below. Get to Clarks, check-in, and then hike to Ponderosa. The major question is do you want to do the Chuckwagon Dinner (Stew, Cornbread, Cobbler). A good meal, but a long hike. (You will schedule this at Logisitics.) I would personally make the long hike from Ponderosa to Clarks for the dinner again, any day. You cna head back to Clarks, goof off, brand, and wait for supper.

Day 11:
CHQ - The fun hike over the Tooth! Get up early to see the sunrise from Schafers Pass (Too far for the Tooth). Eat b-fast on the pass. Then make the extreamly long hike over the ridge, to the Tooth, the hike down, all 30+ switchbacks, and get into camp around 12-1. Hurry thorught the check- in process, and cath the bus to Cimarron for * Simple Simon's * and some REAL food and entertainment. Stop at the Cimarron Art Gallery for ice cream. Walk across the highway (carefully) and check out the shops and stuff on the other side of the street. Catch the bus back, get ready for closing campfire.

This is trek 11 (and return Basecamp shuffle) in a nutshell. Sorry for any spelling mistakes and other miscellaneous errors.

Greg Leuch
727-P1-2000; 618-G1-2001; Staff in 2003???
Crew 35 - Chickasaw Council

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