Philmont Trek Route #6

by Warren Williams <> Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 19:19:25 -0600
Here's a couple of additions to what Bill said (we just returned from hiking Itinerary 12 which passes through the same territory):

Lost Cabin and side hiking to Apache Springs: they schedule sweat lodge times (if they get enough rain to start having the fires again) at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. From Lost Cabin it's a pretty easy hike to Apache Springs.

Cypher's Mine to Cimarroncito: There is a new trail under construction from Grouse Canyon up to Ute Gulch to replace the curent hike up the road. If you make it to Cimarroncito before lunch, you can hike up to Ute Gulch to pick up food and take care of your conservation work during the afternoon. The next day's hike to Cathedral Rock is short, so you can do the rock climbing program that morning before you leave Cimarroncito.

You have two food pick ups in the backcountry. Your initial food issue at HQ will run you through lunch of Day 5.

The first is at Phillips Junction on Day 5. You'll be hiking from Lost Cabin to Beaubien that day, and PJ is on the way there.

The second is at Ute Gulch on Day 9. You're hiking from Cypher's Mine to Cimarroncito that day, and Ute Gulch is a short side-hike from 'Cito.

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