Philmont Trek Route #22

by Wally Feurtado <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 09:41:59 -0400

Trek 22 is wonderful! As are most of all the treks.

If you can go to Window Rock after Ranger training, do so because in the afternoon, the sun is in the right spot for pictures.

Convince your ranger to have breakfast at Window Rock the next morning and he/she can have their wilderness moment there.

Get to Sawmill before noon and enjoy the program. Wake up for sunrise at the water tower.

If Logistics will change your campsite, consider changing Red Hills for Comanche Peak so you can see the sun set and sun rise from there. You can bear bag your stuff at Thunderridge and hike 45 minutes down to Cypher's Mine and definately take in the mine tour. Cook dinner there and return to your packs and set up camp at either Comanche Peak (Phillips) or the assigned Red Hills. Comanche Peak does not have any water.

If you are at Comanche Peak, stay there until 7:30am and take pictures at the viewing spot. The sun will be in the correct spot for optimal pictures.

Pass through Clearcreak and if program is available, consider do the black powder but my crews have always enjoyed the homesteading program at Crooked Creek.

Beaubien is Beaubien and definately do both campfires.

Leave Beaubien very early and get your commissary resupply at PJ and get to Aqua Fria and set up and spend the rest of the day at Fish Camp. Consider the extra side hike to Lookout Peak. There are three false peaks there but the view is sensational. Schedule an afternoon fly tying time.

The hike from Fish Camp to Abreu is my favorite at Philmont. Start the hike from Fish Camp at 8am because the sun will be in the optimal location for your many pictures. Have your devotion at the notch. Make sure that the crew does the adobe case and especially the burro races.

The best time to do spar poling at Crater Lake is in the afternoon because the sun is in the right spot. However, there is also a threat of thunderstorms could cancel the program. The campfire is wonderful.

Get to Miner's Park early for the program and do dinner at noon and leave there at 4pm for Shaefers Pass. The crew needs to see the sun rise at Shaefers Peak so they need to schedule accordingly.

If Logistics will not change your Red Hills to Comanche Peak, it is OK because I still feel that this trek is the most scenic trek at Philmont.

Wally Feurtado
Philmont Training Coordinator
Baltimore Area Council
the other coauthor of the Philmont Advisor's Guide that Coop Wright sells.

On the section of trek selections, several hikes are mentioned. While it is hard to rank the hikes, those are my favorites in order. Notice how many are in trek 22.

Have a great time.

ps: Can you tell that I have a new keyboard?

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