Philmont Trek Route #26

by Cooper Wright <> Tue, 31 Mar 1998 08:17:13 -0500 (EST)

We will be heading back to Philmont this summer and taking Trek 26 for the third time. It is a long trek, but great trek. We usually do a couple of modifications.

Day 1 - Base Camp

Day 2 - Hike thru Ponil to Bent for Ranger training. They have a canteena in Ponil, but it is filled with guys who are just finishing up. We usually don't go in.

Day 3 - We don't get the burros. They are too slow. Instead of backtracking to Ponil, we hike up and over Wilson Mesa, one of the prettiest spots at Philmont. You can see into Colorado. Be sure and stop for a crew photo at the lake with Baldy in the background. The trail can be a little difficult to find from Wilson Mesa to Peublano. Do spar pole climing that afternoon and be sure to attend the campfire that night. It is great.

Day 4 - Hike thru Peublano Ruins to Ewell Park. Set up camp and hike down to Miranda for Mountain Man program.

Day 5 - Hike Baldy. Bring empty packs for your food pickup and leave them at Baldy Town under the commissary. Bring raingear, warm clothes, two quarts of water per person and lunch. Be sure to camel up at Baldy Town before going over the top. Hope there will be snow on the backside. At Copper Park, we usually vote to see if the guys want to go into French Henry. Most times, they hear the call of the trading post and showers and elect to go to Baldy Town directly. Get your food and showers and head back to Ewell Park.

Day 6 - Hike thru Baldy Skyline to Head of Dean and be sure to take the program. It's great. Then hike into Santa Claus. I think you may have your conservation project at Head of Dean.

Day 7 - Hike down Bear Canyon, cross the Cimarron River and resupply your water a Visto Grande. Pass Upper Bench, Deer Lake Mesa to Ute Springs commissary for food resupply. Camp at Aspen Springs. Possible rock climbing at Cimmaroncito that afternoon.

Day 8 - Possible early morning rock climb at Cimarroncito. Be sure to hike to Clark's Fork thru Hidden Valley. Chuck wagon dinner at Clark's

Day 9 - Hike to Cypher's Mine. We do program here, eat supper at lunch time and climb to Phillips to stay overnight. This is a change in the intinerary that has to be made at Logistics when you first arrive. Eat lunch for supper and watch the sunset from Phillips (west) Camp.

Day 10 - Hike down Phillips, get water and eat breakfast at Clear Creek. Either follow the Rayado River to Phillips Junction or up and over Garcia. If we take the second route, we will stop in Crooked Creek for homesteading. Pick up food at Phillips Junction and hike into Beaubien to stay overnight. This is the second change that must be made at Logistics. Great campfire.

Day 11 - Hike over Trail Peak (B-24 wreck) thru Crater Lake and Miner's Park to Shaffer's Pass.

Day 12 - Get up in time for sunrise from the top of Shaffer's Peak. Hike Tooth Ridge and climb the Tooth. Hike in.

Hope this helps. Have a great trek

Cooper Wright
ASM-Venture, Troop 1519
Alexandria, VA

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