Philmont Trek Route #9

by Wally Feurtado <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 16:01:51 -0400
I did trek 9 last year.

The hike to Lover's Leap is the best hike to any ranger training camp. Make sure that the scouts do not take the jeep trail!!! For photographic reasons, it would be better to try to get a 1pm bus because the sun will be in the right spot for pictures.

I cant tell you how we got to Urraca Mesa but we took the trail about 1/2 mile out of Lover's Leap and entered Urraca from East. Pretty Hike.

Watch Sunrise at Inspiration Point where your Ranger will probably give you the Ranger Challenge there. Hike to the top of the mesa and through Stonewall Pass and hiking to Aguilla is filled with Great Views!!! We set up camp and went to Crater Lake for Spar Poling.

We hiked to Beabien via Fowler Pass through Fish Camp where we got a quick tour of the lodge. Fly Tying was filled. Then on to Phillips Junction where we got our miniCommissary pickup a day early.

Beaubien is Beaubien!!!

Get to Crooked Creek as early as possible for the full day of program.

We thought that is was a tough climb to Clear Creek.

Wake up early and get to Phillips for your magnificant views. Hike past Comanche Peak Camp just a bit for a great viewing area and a great place (my favorite at Philmont) for lunch. If you get there by 11am, you will get better pictures. Cypher's is great!!!- as is the stomp!!!

Get to Cimarroncito early for Rock Climbing. Hike though Hidden Valley for a great time and a wonderful place for a devotion (Window Rock).

Be very careful of Tooth Ridge and hiking it in the afternoon. I would recommend having dinner at Clarks Fork and wait to 3pm to hike to Shaefers. If there is a threat of rain wait to hike to Tooth Ridge Camp. Stop at Shaefer's Peak for a great view.

I like to watch the sun rise on the south end of Tooth Ridge Campsite up on the rock although the crew last year wanted to watch it up on the "Tooth".

I hope this helps

Wally Feurtado
Philmont Training Coordinator,
Baltimore Area Council
the other coauthor of the Philmont Advisor's Guide available from

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