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From           "Jason A. Cotting" <jac3@Ra.MsState.Edu>
Organization   Mississippi State University
Date           Sat, 27 Feb 1999 00:08:08 -0600
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Hello Scouts and Scouters. I am not posting this as an offical post from Philmont, but as an anouncement. Women's trail crew is having a hard time getting participants. If you know of anyone who is wanting to go to Philmont but is ubable to bec/ of $$$ or bc/ of Philmont's overbooking, this is the perfect oportunity. Female explorer scouts age 16 to 20 are the people able to apply. Trial crew is a program at Philmont where the participants are able to go to Philmont and build trail for about 20 days and then get a FREE 10 day trek afterwards. By building trail for 20 days, you earn your own trek, also you get to hang out at Phimont for a month. There is also Men's Trail Crew. The only fee for trail crew is getting out there (travel) and back home. This is an excellent way to get your foot in the door if you want ot work on staff at Philmont. here's a couple of web sites that might have some info on trail crew. For more info, call Philmont at : 505-376-2281 -or- Philmont Scout Ranch Rt. 1 Box 35 Cimarron, NM. 87714 Don't forget that Philmont has more to offer than the 10 day treks that most people know about. There is also Rayado and Mountain Treks. And then during the Autumn there is Autumn Advneture and Kanik during the winter. There is also Calvilcade. These are options to explore if scouts are wanting to get to Philmont but are hung up on the waiting list. Y'all have fun now! Later, PSL^3 Jason ><> Philmont Ranger 96 Mountain Trek Ranger 97-98 Training Ranger 99 The Philmont Ring of HOmE Pages: "Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day" - W. Earl Hall "People say I'm strange, does that make me a stranger, that my best friend was born in a manger."- DC Talk "If you don't like baseball, then move to Norway!" - Nike My homepage: ICQ# 19057299

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