Philmont 2002 Trek Route 20 Maps

The maps on this Web page were provided by Thomas Jones, Venture crew 354 (Houston, TX). Please contact him at <> for more information. They may be available either as a PDF file or in a PowerPoint presentation.

Click on a picture or a link below to see an enlarged version.


Images: trek20map01.jpg | trek20map02.jpg | trek20map03.jpg | trek20map04.jpg |


Images: trek20map05.jpg | trek20map06.jpg | trek20map07.jpg | trek20map08.jpg |


Images: trek20map09.jpg | trek20map10.jpg | trek20map11.jpg | trek20map12.jpg |


Images: trek20map13.jpg | trek20map14.jpg | trek20map15.jpg | trek20map16.jpg |


Images: trek20map17.jpg |

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