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Valentin Kuznetsov

About: My name is Valentin Kuznetsov (Валентин Кузнецов). I am native Russian, born in Angarsk city, near lake Baikal. As my life goes by I started traveling around the globe and I've been lucky to see many interesting places in Europe, Asia and America. Currently, I am living in Ithaca, a small beautiful town in upstate New York, USA.

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Computers: I am not the only one whose routine life connected with computers. They are everywhere and so far people control them and I'm glad I do the same. This part of web site is dedicated to my computers projects and describes my skills as computer scientists.

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Physics: Are you wondering what's shown on a picture? This is an interaction of elementary particles seeing in physics detector. The science which study such interactions called Elementary Particle Physics and I'm studying it. This section describes my involvement in HEP (High Energy Physics) community. Being theoretician, experimentalists and computer professional in HEP I'm still looking around and explore physics.

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