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Katie Jacoby

Katie Jacoby

Executive Director of Administration, CLASSE
128 Newman Lab, 201J Pine Tree Road, 453 Physical Sciences Building
Ithaca, NY 14853
(607) 255-4158

Leading the administration initiatives and financial objectives of the Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-Based Sciences and Education (CLASSE), Katie oversees a broad and highly complex variety of scientific enterprises and infrastructure. CLASSE is the largest research center at Cornell and maintains an annual operating budget of approximately $40 million, with over $1 billion in capital equipment and more than $50 million in annual expenditures. CLASSE welcomes 1,000+ visiting researchers worldwide each year and educates the next generation of scientists through graduate and undergraduate programs. Occupying the heart of the research center are nearly 250 personnel in academic and staff positions, over 20 of whom are faculty members of Cornell.

Under the purview of the Executive Director of Administration and Finance at CLASSE, the day-to-day operations of finance, budgeting, human resources, information technology, communications and marketing, safety, and facilities are positioned. Katie leads a skilled team with a strong awareness of implementing initiatives and ensuring inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility are rooted in the lab's culture, scientific activities, and hiring practices.

CLASSE operations occupy four facilities: Wilson Synchrotron Laboratory, Newman Laboratory, the Physical Sciences Building, and the Pine Tree Road office building. In addition to these working locations, numerous technical and storage locations are also supported. Katie develops and oversees capital planning projects for these facilities via an understanding of the space needs within CLASSE. She directly participates in the design and financial management of renovations, repairs, remodeling, and new construction.

With extensive knowledge of Cornell, its structure, and its manner of operation, Katie navigates the nuances of a complex organization. She builds lasting relationships and mentors many while advocating and promoting advancement within CLASSE.

There are numerous programs within CLASSE, all of whose direction is shaped by the close working relationship between the Executive Director of Administration and Finance at CLASSE and the CLASSE Director. Through this collaboration, strategic development and future vision are defined and executed.

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