Computing Facilities


Wireless access will provided via Cornell's Red Rover service. The available wireless networks are described here, but Red Rover Guest should be sufficient for almost every need

Please note the wireless internet access is NOT guaranteed. A limited number of wireless access points and a limited amount of bandwidth is provided by Cornell Information Technologies, which should be sufficient for casual web browsing and emailing, but will function poorly or not at all if overloaded.


  • a black & white laser printer hooked via USB to Windows laptop computer with Powerpoint, Excel, Word and Acrobat Reader installed, provided by LEPP
  • To use: copy files to a flash drive (provided), plug flash drive into PC hooked to printer, print files to the default printer

Audio/Visual equipment:

  • Further information to be provided


  • power strips
  • general use flash drives
  • green laser pointers

Computer Support during Workshop

  • Michael Roman will be on site for much of ECLOUD10; he is reachable at all times on and off site at 607.342.4562
  • If you can't reach Michael Roman, call 607.255.4882 and ask for a member of the Computer Group