ERL09: Energy Recovery Linac

45th ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop

June 8-12, 2009

This workshop is the third international ERL workshop, following ERL05 in TJNAF and ERL07 in Daresbury. It will address fundamental challenges related to the generation of high brightness and simultaneously high average current electron beams with Energy Recovery Linacs, including high brightness electron guns, orbit stability, beam-quality preservation during acceleration and energy recovery. Specific subjects of interest are:

  • Design and development of high average current, low emittance, polarized and unpolarized injectors
  • Beam halo formation and control of beam loss
  • Ion accumulation in high current CW beams
  • Optimized lattice design and start-to-end simulation
  • Beam stability and multibunch, multipass instabilities
  • Superconducting RF systems for CW, high-current applications
  • Higher order mode damping
  • RF control and stability under very large loaded Q
  • Synchronization challenges
  • Impedance modeling and control
  • Gas and Intra Beam Scattering
  • Shielding and component protection for high power beams
  • High current, low emittance, and short pulse diagnostic techniques.

Images from ERL09

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