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MC4BSM-2012: Tutorials

Two 3-hour tutorial sessions are planned during the MC4BSM Workshop (Thursday 3/22 and Saturday 3/24). Tutorials will cover the entire event generation pathway: starting with a new physics model (defined by its Lagrangian), via automated computation of Feynman rules and scattering matrix elements, to parton-level event generation, showering and hadronization, jet identification, and ending with analyzing the generated events (e.g. plotting distributions). The tools covered will include FeynRules, LanHEP, CalcHEP, MadGraph/MadEvent, Herwig, Pythia and Sherpa. Instructors will include many of the authors of the packages.

To be able to participate in the tutorials, you will need to install the required software ahead of time. Instructions on software installation are available on the Tutorial Page. We will also hold a "software setup session" on Wednesday, March 21, 6:30-8:30 pm, in PSB 401 (Map). Many of the instructors will be on hand to help with software installation. Pizza will be ordered.