TTC Workshop

Cornell University is hosting a TTC topical meeting on CW SRF from Wednesday, June 12 To Friday June 14 in Ithaca, NY, USA.

During the last TTC collaboration meeting at Jefferson Lab, we agreed to introduce TTC topical meetings between our usual TTC collaboration meetings. These topical meetings will maintain the TTC spirit of open discussion. The currently advertised event is the first of these meetings.

A full program is currently being discussed in the program committee and will cover topics related to CW cavity design, cavity treatment procedures for low losses, CW cryomodules, RF couplers, HOM absorbers, and CW operation. We strongly encourage and welcome your participation in this meeting on the important and timely topic of CW SRF.

Please mark your calendars, a web page for registration will be distributed soon.

Olivier Napoly (TTC chair) and Georg Hoffstaetter (TTC topical meeting chair)