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Guide for 2022 Summer Student Participants

Resources for the REU, PREM, SERCCS, and SUNRiSE summer programs.

Welcome to the Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education (CLASSE) and the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) at Cornell University. We all hope that your time at Cornell will be interesting, stimulating and enjoyable. We stand ready to help you in the busy and challenging weeks ahead.

Please look over the following helpful information. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please reach out to our program staff.

Program Faculty:

Jim Alexander

Prof. Jim Alexander
REU Faculty

Matthias Liepe

Prof. Matthias Liepe
REU Faculty

Joel Brock

Prof. Joel Brock
PREM Faculty

Jacob Ruff

Jacob Ruff
SERCCS Faculty

Matt Miller

Matt Miller
SUNRiSE Faculty

Program Administration:

Florianna Blanton

Florianna Blanton
Program Administration

Katerina Malysheva

Katerina Malysheva
Program Administration

Monica Wesley

Monica Wesley
Program Administration

Important Dates:

For more dates and information on your specific programs, visit the REU page or the PREM, SERCCS, SUNRiSE page.

Date Program Event
June 6, 2022 All Programs Orientation
August 12, 2022 All Programs Final Date

Cross Program Information

For information specific to your program please visit the REU or PREM, SERCCS, SUNRiSE sections.

Social Media

Despite the state of the world we are planning on this being a great summer filled with amazing experiences and awesome opportunities. We encourage you to show off your hard work to your family and friends via social media, as well as connect with our growing social media platforms.

Use #CornellAccelerates and tag us with the following:

Facebook: @CornellCLASSE
Instagram: @CornellAcceleratorLab
Twitter: @CornellCLASSE

Facebook: @CHESSuser
Instagram: @chessscience
Twitter: @CHESS_user

Virtual Tour

Use these virtual tours to check out the facilities and resources you'll get to use while on campus!

Pre-Tour Video:

This is the video we show to guests before they tour the facilities at Wilson Lab

3-D Walk Through:

Step into the first floor of Wilson lab and check out a portion of the experimental hall. We are working towards expanding this environment.

How are we doing?

We value your input on your experience this summer so please expect an anonymous survey via email that will help us make the summer student program as beneficial as possible.