University Consortium for Linear Collider R&D (UCLC)

UCLC Projects


Non-intercepting electron beam size diagnosis using diffraction radiation from a slitVanderbilt Bibo Feng
Single-shot, electro-optic measurement of a picosecond electron bunch lengthVanderbilt Bill Gabella
Fast Synchrotron Imaging System for Beam Size MonitoringSUNY Albany
Jesse Ernst
BACKGAMMMON: A Scheme for Compton backscattered photoproduction at the Linear ColliderNorth Carolina A&T Sekazi Mtingwa
Investigation of GAN Techniques in the Development and Operation of the TTF Data Acquisition System Cornell
Ohio State
Don Hartill
Research in Superconducting Radiofrequency Systems Cornell Hasan Padamsee
RF Breakdown Experiments at 34 GHz Yale Jay Hirshfield
Investigation and prototyping of fast kicker options for the TESLA damping rings Cornell Gerry Dugan
Improved simulation codes and diagnostics for high-brightness electron beams NIU Court Bohn
Beam simulation: main beam transport in the linacs and beam delivery systems, beam halo modeling and transport, and implementation as a diagnostic tool for commissioning and operation Cornell Dave Rubin
Damping ring studies for the LCNorth Carolina A&T Sekazi Mtingwa
Experimental, simulation, and design studies for linear collider damping rings Cornell
Joe Rogers


A Demonstration of the Electronic and Mechanical Stability of a BPM-Based Energy Spectrometer for the NLC Notre Dame Mike Hildreth
Beam-beam collision monitoring using Large Angle Beamstrahlung Wayne State Giovanni Bonvicini
Development and design of an LC ASIC for CCD readout and data reduction Oklahoma
Boston U.
Pat Skubic
Study of the mechanical behavior of thin silicon and development of hybrid silicon pixels for the LC Purdue Daniela Bortoletto
Straw Tube Wire Chambers for Forward Tracking in the Linear Collider Detector Hampton Keith Baker
Tracking Detector R&D at Cornell and Purdue Universities Cornell
Dan Peterson
Tracking simulation studies and alignment system R&D Michigan Keith Riles
R&D towards a Silicon drift detector based main tracker for the NLC-SD option Wayne State Rene Bellwied
Negative Ion TPC as the LC main tracker Wayne State
Giovanni Bonvicini
Design and Prototyping of a Scintillator-based Digital Hadron Calorimeter NIU
Vishnu Zutshi
Fast Response Tile Scintillation Development for Calorimetry and Tracking in NLC Detectors Notre Dame Mike Hildreth
Development of energy-flow algorithms, simulation and other software for the LC detector NIU Dhiman Chakraborty
Investigation and Design Optimization of a Compact Sampling Electro-magnetic Calorimeter with High Spatial, Timing and Energy Resolution Kansas Graham Wilson
RPC Studies and Optimization of LC detector elements for physics analysis U. Chicago Mark Oreglia
Scintillator-Based Muon System R&D Notre Dame
Mitch Wayne

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