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Paper Title: Beam-Beam Stability in Electron-Positron Storage Rings
Primary Author: B. Schmekel
Institution: Cornell University
Secondary Authors and Institutions: J. Rogers
Working Groups Collective Effects
At the interaction point of a storage ring each beam is subject to perturbations due to the electromagnetic field of the counter-rotating beam. These perturbations lead to a limit of the achievable luminosity in the storage ring. We investigate this limit in the framework of the strong-strong picture. Motion is considered only in the vertical direction and the beams are presumed to be one-dimensional. Based on this model we try to find stability criteria for the beam in an electron-position storage ring taking into account the damping of the betatron oscillations by synchrotron radiation but neglecting the discrete nature of the radiation process and presuming a Gaussian distribution. We analyze the instabilities by solving a linearized "Fokker-Planck equation" without the quantum excitation term.