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Paper Title: KEKB injection kicker magnet
Primary Author: Toshihiro Mimashi
Institution: KEK
Secondary Authors and Institutions: H. Nakayama, M.Kikuchi, T.Honda, N.Iida, Y.Sakamoto (KEK) T.Hatano, N.Shimizu (NGK Insulators, LTD.) A.Tokuchi (Nichicon Co.) T.Nagayama,K.Abe (Hitachi Haramachi Electronics Co.) Y.Ashihara, K.Iwamoto (Kyocera Co.)
Working Groups Operations, reliability, instrumentation & injection
This paper describes the operational status of the KEKB injection system. Then issues of the water-cooled ceramic chambers developed for kicker system is discussed. Finally R&D status of the kicker magnet power supply modification using SI-Thyristor is presented.