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Cornell accelerator physicists pursue a broad range of topics in accelerator science and technology. From the operation of on-campus Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR), to the construction of an innovative new x-ray light source and the design and construction of future high energy colliders, students at Cornell have a unique opportunity to "operate" existing accelerators and design new ones.


For students

Students interested in doing research with me should check out Undergraduate Reasearch, REU Program, and PhD Program in Accelerator Physics at Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education (CLASSE).

Current Research

My field of research is accelerator and beam physics, study of accelerated beams as a special state of matter. I am currently working on accelerator science work for the Energy Recovery Linear Accelerator (ERL) Project at Cornell. This accelerator will constitute a novel x-ray light source with beams significantly better than those of the world's most advanced facilities. X-ray beams from charged particle accelerators have become an essential tool in today's investigation of all types of materials, from airplane wings to cell membranes and from pollutants in leaves to matter under earth-core pressures. I am also the head of Cornell's SRF group. Cornell's SRF group has been a world-wide leader in the field of RF superconductivity and its application to high energy accelerators and synchrotron light sources.

Professor Georg Hoffstaetter

Professor Georg Hoffstaetter
Cornell University
Department of Physics
Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education (CLASSE)
Ithaca, NY 14853, USA

Primary office:
318 Newman Laboratory
Phone: +1 607 255-5197
FAX: +1 607 254-4552

Secondary office:
381 Wilson Laboratory
Phone: + 1 607 254-8981
FAX: +1 607 255-8062

Email: Georg Hoffstaetter

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