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Accelerator Physics for Tesla

The planning of a TeV Superconducting Linear Accelerator (TESLA) is the largest initiative at DESY for a future e+/e- linear collider. In an initial stage this accelerator will collider 250GeV electrons on 250GeV positrons. Such a large scale accelerator naturally consists of many subsystems which each have their own interesting accelerator physics issues. To test the main concepts and the main technical challenges of TESLA, the TESLA Test Facility (TTF) is being operated at DESY.


Requirements for the Tilted TTF Bypass Line
G. Hoffstaetter, Report TESLA-2001-31 (2001)

TESLA Technical Design Report, Part II: The Accelerator
J. Andruszkow et al., DESY-2001-011 and ECFA 2001-209 (2001)

Bunch Compressor for the TESLA Linear Collider
W. Decking, G. Hoffstaetter, T. Limberg, Report TESLA-2000-40 (2000)


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