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Letters of Recommendation

If you have asked for a letter of recommendation, and I have agreed to write one, please do the following:

(1) Try to convince your contacts to let me submit your letters on-line.

(2) For those institutions where I cannot submit on-line, please put an addressed envelope and all required paperwork into my mailbox in the 1st floor of Newman Lab. The envelope should be stamped and include my return address as listed below.

(3) Please include a transcript, an unofficial version is sufficient. Annotate the transcript to indicate honors and graduate classes, specify the median grades available at http://registrar.sas.cornell.edu/Student/mediangradesA.html, comment on particularly good or relevant grades, and explain particularly good grades. Include courses taken this term for which grades have not yet been given.

(4) Provide a resume, listing major(s), minor(s), concentration(s), GPA, all relevant research, work and other experience, and significant extracurricular activities. For each listed research, work or extracurricular activity, give start date and end date, and time commitment per week averaged over that period. Please include full contact information including cell phone number, in case I have questions.

(5) Please provide email and phone of your academic adviser and any research supervisors.


(6) If you have taken a course from me, contact your TA(s) and arrange for him/her to email me comments on your performance in section and lab.

(7) Please provide a copy of your application letter or statement of purpose for the program to which you are applying.

(8) Make sure you have filled out all lines in the paperwork that I do not have to fill out myself. My data for you to fill out is:

Name: Georg H Hoffstaetter
Title: Professor
Institution: Cornell University
Address: Newman Lab, Ithaca 14853
email: gh77@cornell.edu
Telephone: 607-255-5197

(9)Please put these thing in my mailbox simultaneously for all the institutions you apply.

(10) Please provide stamped mailing envelopes and include my return address as listed above.

(11) Make sure you do so significantly before the first deadline.

(12) While I will definitely not be unfair in any letter of recommendation, I do want to write confidential letters for all students, to put all students on equal footing. Therefore please waive your right to examine my letter of recommendation in cases where this right exists.

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