Group BBQ in 2021

Socially distanced picnic in 2020

First cosmology group Regatta in 2019

Cody captained the second boat

Sailing on Cayuga Lake in 2018

Group dinner in 2017

  Michael Niemack - C.V.
   niemack 'at' - (607) 255-0391 - twitter

Postdoctoral Researchers 

  Steve Choi - skc98 'at' - website
    National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow

  Yaqiong Li - yl3549 'at'
    Kavli Institute at Cornell Postdoctoral Fellow

  Eve Vavagiakis - ev66 'at' - website

Graduate Student Researchers

  Cody Duell - cjd259 'at'

  Zach Huber - zbh5 'at'

  Ben Keller - bdk54 'at'

Cornell Undergraduate Student Researchers 

  Haruki Ebina (2022)

  Pedro Guicardi (2022)

  Haoting Zhen (2022)

  Kshama Malavalli (2022)

  Dallin Richards (2023)

  Photon Xu (2022)

  Akimasa Ihara (2023)

Past Graduate Student Researchers

  Eve Vavagiakis website
    Postdoctoral Researcher at Cornell!

  Nicholas Cothard
    Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA GSFC

  Jason Stevens
    Postdoctoral Researcher at NIST

  Patricio Gallardo
    Postdoctoral Fellow at KICP

  Brian Koopman website
    Postdoctoral Researcher at Yale

Past Postdoctoral Researchers 

  Patricio Gallardo
    Postdoctoral Fellow at KICP

  Duc Thuong Hoang
    Researcher at IPMU

  Shawn Henderson
    Scientist at SLAC National Accelerator Lab

  Francesco De Bernardis
    Data Analyst at International Firefighters Union

Cornell Undergraduate Alumni and Past Researchers 

  Willow Martin (2022)

  Erik Szakiel (2021)
    Applied Physics graduate student at Stanford

  Jesse Smith (2021)
     Physics graduate student at NYU

  Mahiro Abe (2020)
    Physics graduate student at Stanford

  Samuel Gomez (2020)
    Working for the MITRE corporation

  Noah Sailer (2019)
    Physics graduate student at UC Berkeley

  Philip Jacobson (2019)
    Electrical Engineering graduate student at UC Berkeley

  Kenny Vetter (2018)
    Physics graduate student at UC Berkeley

  Kaiwen Zheng (2018)
    Physics graduate student at Princeton

  Avirukt Mittal (2017)
    Physics graduate student at UC Berkeley

  Sarah Marie Bruno (2016)
    Completed Physics graduate school at Princeton

  Prabudhya Bhattacharyya (2016)
    Physics graduate student at UC Berkeley

  M. Sheroze Sheriffdeen (2016)
    Computer Science grad student at UT Austin

  Brenna Mockler (2016)
    Astronomy graduate student at UC Santa Cruz

  Liele Getachew (2017)
     Working for Goldman Sachs

  Galen Marchetti (2015)
    Co-Founder & CEO at Kurtosis Technologies

  Humna Awan (2015)
    Completed Physics graduate school at Rutgers

Past Undergraduate Researchers from Summer Research Programs  

  Kaylah McGowan (Summer of 2021)
    Simons-NSBP Scholars Program
    Arizona State University

  Niloofar¬†Cheraghvandi (Summer of 2019)
    SERCCS Program
    Mohawk Valley Community College

  Michael Jack (Summer of 2018)
    SERCCS Program
    Mercer County Community College

  Almir Tricic (Summer of 2017)
    SRCCS Program
    Mohawk Valley Community College

  Tracy Paltoo (Summer of 2016)
    LSAMP Program
    Adelphi University

  Dennis Dempsey (Summer of 2016)
    SRCCS Program
    SUNY Adirondack

  Tafari James (Summer of 2015)
    LSAMP Program
    Haverford College

  Spenser Mann (Summer of 2015)
    SRCCS Program
    Adirondack Community College

  Lenoi Carter (Summer of 2014)
    LSAMP Program
    Onondaga Community College

  Licelotte Fernandez (Summer of 2014)
    LSAMP Program
    SUNY New Paltz