First Announcement

Dear Colleague,

Following the first highly successful P3 Workshop held in 2010 at Brookhaven National Laboratory, we are pleased to announce the second in the series Physics of Photocathodes for Photoinjectors Workshop to be held at Cornell University in October 8-10, 2012.

Not only does photocathode research remains a vibrant and critical field for future accelerators, the last 2 years have seen significant progress in a number of exciting areas such as realization of new photocathode devices, better understanding of physics and material properties related to photoemission, as well as demonstration of yet brightest and most intense beams from photoinjectors than previously achieved. The motivation for this 3-day workshop is to continue to explore the current state of the art in accelerator photocathodes, to formulate directions for future research, and to identify collaboration opportunities.

The registration for the P3 Workshop is now open. This invitational workshop will be limited to around 60 participants.

Though the actual workshop agenda is very much work in progress at the moment, the organizers envision a workshop format that will closely follow the structure of the first P3 Workshop. There will be relatively few scheduled talks in each session, with most of the time allotted to short informal presentations and discussions. Most attendees will not have scheduled presentations, but everyone is encouraged to bring 3-4 slide mini-talks on topics of interest, both to explore new ideas and to stimulate discussion. Suggestions to the organizing committee with specific topics to be included are welcome.

Further information is available on the website and early registration is encouraged:

The workshop agenda will be updated on the website as we finalize the plans.

Looking forward to seeing you in Ithaca this October!
P3 Workshop Organizing Committee