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Lesson Plans

Cloud Chamber Lesson Plans

  • Observing Particles from Outer Space — Produced jointly by LEPP and the CNS Institute for Physics Teachers (CIPT). Written by Ithaca High School physics teacher Ken Wright. This engaging lesson plan involves having students build their own small cloud chamber in order to view cosmic rays and alpha particles from supplied radioactive sources.

  • Cloud Chambers and Cosmic Rays — Learn about the origin of cosmic rays and how to observe these sub-atomic particles in your own classroom. A teacher's guide providing valuable background information is accompanied by a student handout containing detailed procedure steps to build your own cloud chamber.

Enhancing Physical Science Curricula

Bringing Particle Physics and Planetary Science into the 21st Century
Six physical science lesson plans developed by high school teachers during the 2002 summer workshop at Cornell University. Lessons address the following topics: The Standard Model, Scale and Magnitude & Planetary Science. View Lesson Plans here.

Spectroscopy Lesson Plan

Use these material to explain how a spectrometer works and how to identify an unknown gas using its emission spectrum.


High school students mimic Rutherford's experiment

Indirect Measurement Lesson Plan

Modern physics relies heavily on indirectly determining the physical characteristics of objects. The following activities will demonstrate to students that indirect determinations are important methods through which accurate measurements can be obtained. These activities can provide a platform for the introduction of the Rutherford model of an atom.

Electrostatic Lesson Plan