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Teaching Resources

A Resource Guide for the Standard Model: Understanding the Theoretical Framework of Particle Physics

Written by Professor of Physics and CLEO Researcher Dr. Ahren Sadoff. These materials provide educators with background information on the fundamental particles of matter and how forces are transmitted between different objects.

X-Ray Science Resources

High Energy Physics (HEP) Resources

Event Diagrams

Using images from the detector CLEO along with basic ground rules for interpreting particle collisions, students determine the identity of decay particles created following electron-positron annihilation.

Accelerator Physics

Below are slides from a presentation given by Mike Billing, Director of Operations for CESR, for Corning Community College students (April 2010).
Below are slides from a presentation given my William Li, Graduate Student at the Center for Bright Beams, for middle school science educators (January 2019)

Microcosmic Math

A presentation given by accelerator researcher Dr. Jim Crittenden at Corning Community College's "Math Days" for Corning NY area high school students on October 7, 2004. Summary: "From the discovery of the nucleus to that of the quark, the simple mathematical properties of elementary objects have been used to reveal unexpected physical structure at unimaginably small distance scales"

High Energy Physics Resources

A brief introduction to Particle Physics - This article, written by LEPP Senior Research Associate Dr. Nari Mistry, provides readers with a thoughtful overview of particle physics and introduces them to the sophisticated tools used by scientists to both create and observe these fundamental constituents of our universe.