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Observing the invisible world: Using cloud chambers to understand the research at CMS

Cloud Chambers

An analog to the particle detection at CMS, scientists used cloud chambers to detect and study the presence of microscopic particles long before our sophisticated detectors were ever invented. Educators interested in teaching particle physics can build their own cloud chambers with their students; they are simple to build and fascinating to observe! A detailed investigation manual is available for classroom use. If you would like to borrow a full classroom set of materials to build cloud chambers with your students, request yours today, and browse all our other free materials, at the Lending Library.


Superconductors replace traditional metal conductors in today's modern particle accelerators. Without superconductors, we could not operate our accelerators at high enough energies to make new discoveries. Superconductors also use less electricity since there is no wasteful resistance. Students can experiment with superconductivity in your classroom following our in-depth lab manual and utilizing our experimentation kit from the Lending Library. Follow the link to request yours today!

Speed of Light

The research at CMS relies on accelerating particles as close to the speed of light as possible. 99.9999991% the speed of light, to be exact! But students might wonder, how fast is that, really? Use our in-depth lesson guide to explore the speed of light in your classroom. Do you need the materials? Full classroom kits can be borrowed through our Lending Library.

CMS for Kids and Teachers!

Activities for elementary school teachers on CMS related science topics, including Indirect Measurement, Magnetic Fields, and Conductivity and Resistance. Check out these colorful and inviting activities to do in the classroom or at home. Interviews with CMS scientists and pictures of the CMS detector are included!

For Kids! Indirect Measurement
For Teachers! Indirect Measurement
For Kids! Magnetic Fields
For Teachers! Magnetic Fields
For Kids! Superconductivity and Resistance
For Teachers! Superconductivity and Resistance

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