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  • Deadline for submission:
    October 1, 2007
  • Templates:
    Click to download LaTeX template and example files here:
    charm2007_proceedings.tar.gz (259kB)
    Included in this file are:
    two copies of a sample paper (ps and pdf) that gives technical instructions and
    a LaTeX file that is the basis for your write-up (and happens to be the very file that was used to create the Instructions paper). We are not using the PSN option.
  • How to submit:
    Submit your paper to the eprint archive,
    Include the following information in the "Comments" section:
    To be published in the proceedings of CHARM07, Ithaca, NY, August 2007, eConf C070805.
    Tell the editors the identifier.

      For first time users, general submission help can be found at the eprint arXiv site. The web upload is particularly easy to use, from a PC, Mac or on Unix. You will receive confirmation email upon every step of the process, if you don't, it means you still have more to do. The ultimate goal is to see the full text of your paper on the server with an eprint number in the form "arXiv:YYMM.nnnn".

  • Editors:
    Hanna Mahlke, Jim Napolitano