Scientific Program

Sessions will contain a mixture of theoretical and experimental talks. Talks will be from 20 to 30 minutes and should aim to stimulate discussion.

All sessions are held in Olin Hall.

Sunday, August 5
8:00 Registration and Breakfast
9:00 G.P. Lepage Welcome
Charm Production I
Chair: A. Ryd
9:10 B. Lang Exclusive charm production in e+e- at ~4GeV [pdf] [ppt]
9:30 H.-M. Hu Inclusive hadron production ("R") in e+e- at ~4GeV [pdf]
9:50 B. Yabsley Double ccbar in e+e- at high energy [pdf]
10:10 Break
Charm Production II
Chair: S. Pakvasa
10:40 E. Swanson Charm production theory [pdf]
11:10 J. Rademacker Heavy flavour production at the Tevatron [pdf]
11:30 A. Knospe Charm production in relativistic heavy ions [pdf]
11:50 Lunch (on your own)
Rare Charm Processes I
Chair: J. Rosner
14:00 A. Seiden D Mixing at BABAR [ppt]
14:20 L.-M. Zhang D Mixing at Belle [pdf]
14:40 W. Sun D Mixing at CLEO-c [pdf] [ppt]
15:00 B. Petersen HFAG Average [pdf]
15:20 Break
Rare Charm Processes II
Chair: E. Thorndike
15:50 E. Golowich Mixing - Theory [pdf]
16:20 A. Petrov CP violation in charm decay [pdf] [ppt]
16:45 G. Mancinelli Experimental Prospects for CPV and T Studies in Charm [ppt]
17:10 Adjourn
17:30 Reception at Red Barn
Monday, August 6
8:00 Breakfast
Rare Charm Processes III + Charmonium I
Chair: A. Seiden
8:30 B. Casey Rare D decays [pdf]
9:00 H. Muramatsu Experimental results in charmonium decay from CLEO [pdf]
9:20 R.-G. Ping Experimental results in charmonium decay from BES [pdf] [ppt]
9:40 Z. Metreveli Spectroscopy below open flavor threshold [pdf]
10:00 Break
Charmonium II
Chair: K. Peters
10:30 E. Eichten Charmonium above open flavor threshold [pdf]
10:55 D. Kreinick Bottomonium results [pdf]
11:15 B. McElrath Beyond the Standard Model [pdf]
11:35 N. Brambilla Extraction of alpha_s and m_Q from onia [pdf] [ppt]
12:05 J. Dudek LQCD: What can lattice do for the onia? [pdf]
12:30 Lunch (on your own)
Hadronic Charm Meson Decays I
Chair: R. Briere
14:00 G. Rong BESII Charm hadronic decays [ppt]
14:20 A. Ryd CLEO-c D and Ds hadronic decays [pdf]
14:50 M. Pappagallo D and Ds branching fractions at B-factories [pdf]
15:10 J. Rosner U-spin and extraction of strong phase [pdf]
15:30 Break
Hadronic Charm Meson Decays II
Chair: R. Poling
16:00 A. Bondar Dalitz + CP tagged Dalitz plots and gamma (phi3) extraction [ppt]
16:30 E. White CLEO-c CP tagged Dalitz plots [pdf] [ppt]
16:50 B. Meadows pi-pi and K-pi S-wave at low energy (exp.) [pdf] [ppt]
17:10 S. Malvezzi K-matrix and Dalitz plots (FOCUS) [pdf]
17:30 Adjourn
Tuesday, August 7
8:00 Breakfast
Leptonic and Semileptonic Decays I
Chair: R. Patterson
8:30 C.-S. Park Semileptonic D decays at ccbar threshold [pdf]
8:50 L. Widhalm Leptonic and semileptonic D and D_s decays at B-factories [pdf]
9:20 S. Blusk Leptonic D and D_s decays at ccbar threshold [pdf] [ppt]
9:40 A. El-Khadra Lattice determination of form factors and decay constants [ppt]
10:10 Break
Leptonic and Semileptonic Decays II
Chair: Y.-F. Wang
10:40 E. Follana Precision lattice calculation of D and D_s decay constants [pdf]
11:00 R. Hill Semileptonic theory (non-Lattice) [pdf]
11:30 J. Wiss Form factors in D->K*lnu and D->rholnu [pdf]
11:50 S. Jin New results and prospects of light hadron spectroscopy [ppt]
12:20 Lunch (on your own)
Charm Baryons
Chair: B. Yabsley
14:00 P. Cooper Charm Baryons (exp.) [pdf]
14:30 X. Chai New BABAR charmed baryons results [pdf]
14:50 H.-Y. Cheng Charm Baryons (theory) [ppt]
15:10 Adjourn
15:30 Leave for hike and conference picnic
Wednesday, August 8
8:30 Breakfast
Charm Meson Spectroscopy
Chair: N. Brambilla
9:00 M. Voloshin Meson states (Conventional) [pdf]
9:20 A. Polosa Meson states (Exotic), tetra-quarks, and hybrids [pdf]
9:40 J. Brodzicka Meson states (Belle) [ppt]
10:00 A. Zghiche Meson states (BABAR+CLEO-c) [pdf]
10:25 Break
Future Experimental Charm Facilities
Chair: J. Alexander
10:50 Y.-F. Wang BESIII status and schedule and physics potential [ppt]
11:10 D. Bettoni PANDA status and plans [pdf] [ppt]
11:30 P. Spradlin LHC-b status and charm physics program [pdf]
11:50 D. Asner Charm at Super-B or Super-flavor [pdf] [ppt]
12:10 Lunch (on your own)
Panel Discussion
Chair: B. Yabsley
13:30 Panel Discussion
15:00 Conference Conclusion