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Cornell University


CLASSE stands for Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based ScienceS and Education

REU 2023 Projects

Matt SignorelliAnna Connelly Presentation, Final Report"Spin matching for the Electron-Ion Collider"
Jonathan UngerLaura Smith Presentation, Final Report"Modelling the Electron-Ion Collider’s Rapid Cycling Synchrotron"
Matt Gordon, Michael KaemingkShwetha Prakash Presentation, Final Report"Designing and building a focusing magnet"
Adam Bartnik, Michael KaemingkMatthew Gootman Presentation, Final Report"Benchmarking space charge simulations"
Suchismita SarkerLouis Cedarbaum Presentation, Final Report"Does Bluesky@CHESS help to enable machine learning efficiently?"
Jim CrittendenWyatt Carbonell Presentation, Final Report"Evaluation of Systematic Errors in Beam Size Measurement Using Sextupole Magnets"
Nicole Verboncoeur and Neil StilinEmily Rapp Presentation, Final Report"Exploring Superconducting Radio-Frequency Cavity Failure Mechanisms Through Temperature Mapping"
Liana Shpani and Thomas OseroffKatherine Indyk Presentation, Final Report"Analysis of quality factor measurements for SRF cavities"
Jose MonroyMarcos Acero Presentation, Final Report"Optimizing thermal management in a particle tracking detector"
Abigail CritesFrancie Wharton Presentation, Final Report"Hardware Testing for TIME (The Tomographic Ionized Carbon Intensity Mapping Experiment)"
Gabriel Gaitan, Nathan SitaramanGregory Kenning Presentation, Final Report"Modeling of Nb3Sn Growth via Chemical Vapor Deposition and Vapor Diffusion"
Azriel FinstereTaylor Ray Presentation, Final Report"Automated Quantification of Compound Photocathode Composition using X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy"
Steve MeisburgerSimon Hempel-Costello Presentation, Final Report"Optical spectroscopy of metalloprotein crystals for monitoring reaction intermediates in time-resolved X-ray diffraction"
Matt Andorf, Tyler WuZahin Ritee Presentation, Final Report"A new source of spin-polarized photoelectrons?"