Research Group

High Brightness Source Group (2014)

Much of the research is done in close collaboration with experienced CLASSE staff scientists. The group is diverse with expertise in many different areas. We work as a team and enjoy each other's company very much!

Active and Past Members (students listed only)


  • Chris Pierce (PhD student)
  • Jai Kwan Bae (PhD student)
  • Sean McBride (phys'18)
  • Camille Xu (phys'18)


  • Hyeri Lee (PhD, 2017, thesis)
  • Steven Full (PhD, 2017, thesis)
  • Jared Maxson (PhD, 2015, thesis)
  • Siddharth Karkare (PhD, 2015, thesis)
  • Hexuan Wang (MS, 2014)
  • Colwyn Gulliford (PhD, 2013, thesis)
  • Fay Hannon (PhD, 2008)
  • Thomas Spytek, phys'17
  • Ho Kwan Fung, phys'17
  • Matt Clymer, phys'17
  • Robert Lipton, phys'16
  • Matthew Davidow, phys'16
  • Edward Li, phys'15
  • Christian Nguyen, phys'14
  • Frank Gonzalez, phys'14
  • Laurent Boulet, phys'14
  • Benjamin Lillard, phys'14
  • Andrew Kim, phys'14
  • Eric Sawyer, phys'13
  • Andrew Gasbarro, a&ep'13
  • Jake Kiefer, a&ep'14
  • Benjamin Pichler, phys'14
  • Rick Merluzzi, a&ep'12
  • Yoon Woo Hwang, phys'12
  • Ashwathi Iyer, a&ep'13
  • William Roussel (ECP)
  • Nicolas Savva, phys'11
  • Andrew Rzeznik, phys'12
  • Paul Szypryt, a&ep'11
  • Allen Kim, a&ep'10
  • Shahrukh Mallick, a&ep'10
  • Manu Lakshmanan, (biomedical engineering, Duke U.)
  • Piyanat Kittiwisit, (astrophysics, ASU)
  • Hisham Sayed (ODU/JLAB)
  • Ken Soong, phys'07 (applied physics, Stanford U.)
  • Tom Jackson, phys'08
  • Igor Senderovich, phys'05 (physics, U. Connecticut)

Some REU's:

  • Teresa Esposito (REU 2012)
  • Morgan Dixon (REU 2011)
  • Brian Henderson (REU 2009)
  • Emmett Windisch (REU 2007 )
  • Henry Timmers (REU 2007)
  • Michael Rosenman (REU 2006)
  • Chase Ellis (REU 2005)
  • Tim Lambie-Hanson (REU 2004)
  • Bijoyananda Adhikary (REU 2004)
  • Peter Battaglino (REU 2003)
  • Andrew Kowalik (REU 2002)

Research in Beam and Accelerator Physics

For Students:

  • Students who are interested in doing graduate research in my group are encouraged to apply for admission through the Field of Physics. Non-Cornell undergraduates should check out CLASSE REU program that I help organize.
  • Individual study with undergrads is typically limited to juniors and seniors with strong physics preparation. A typical course work preparation includes an E&M course (e.g. PHYS 2213 or PHYS 2217), mechanics and special relativity (PHYS 1116, PHYS2216 and/or PHYS3318). Other useful courses would be waves (PHYS2214 or PHYS2218), intermediate or advanced E&M (PHYS 3323 or PHYS 3327), mathematical physics (equivalent to AEP3210 or AEP3220), computational physics (PHYS4480 or AEP4380), and introduction to accelerator physics (PHYS 4456 when offered). Stop by to chat with me about the opportunities my group may have.
  • Come to weekly mtgs and attend accelerator physics seminars.
  • Feel free to contact me with inquiries.

Group Mtgs & Seminars

Group Mtgs:

  • Weekly mtgs discussing research: every Tuesday at noon in Wilson 374.


  • Check out seminar series featuring accelerator physics and related fields.

Upcoming openings for PhD Students

Contact Prof. Bazarov for additional information.