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Courses' Wesbite at Cornell's Canvas

Some Previous Courses Taught at CU

PHYS3318 - Analytical Mechanics
PHYS6510 - Advanced Physics Lab
PHYS2213 - Electromagnetism
PHYS3330 - Modern Experimental Optics (lectures)
PHYS3314 - Intermediate Mechanics (lectures)
PHYS3317 - Applications of Quantum Mechanics (lectures)
PHYS3360/AEP3630 - Electronic Circuits (lectures); on using LTSpice (pdf)

Courses Taught at USPAS

U.S. Particle Accelerator School provides education in beam physics and associated accelerator technology.

Some courses taught (with lecture notes when available).

  • Photocathode Physics, January 2020 (description)
  • Recirculated and Energy Recovered Linacs, January 2008 (incomplete notes)
  • Recirculated and Energy Recovered Linacs, June 2005 (notes)
  • Fourth Generation Light Sources II: ERLs and Thomson Scattering, January 2003 (notes)

Various other USPAS lecture notes can be found here.