Selden's Gallery of Celestia Pictures, Part 3: Moon by Prospector

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The Moon

Maps from the Lunar Prospector
The 1024x512 textures below were generated by scaling up the 800x400 cylindrical projection images provided on the Web by the NASA Ames/LP Science team. See
Celestia screenshot Surface texture map
Lunar surface [Lunar surface] [moon-surface1k.jpg]
Gravity profile [Lunar gravity] [moon-gravity1k.jpg]
Hydrogen [Lunar hydrogen] [moon-hydrogen1k.jpg]
Iron [Lunar iron] [moon-iron1k.jpg]
Potassium [Lunar potassium] [moon-potassium1k.jpg]
Thorium [Lunar thorium] [moon-thorium1k.jpg]

Lunar Prospector's Gravity Maps
The 1024x512 texture maps below were generated by scaling up 800x400 pixel "simple cylindrical projection" maps provided on the Web by Washington University (St.Louis)'s Earth & Planetary Remote Sensing Laboratory on their PDS GeoSciences Node and their NASA Planetary Data System Geophysics Subnode See the page
Celestia screenshot Surface texture map Comments
Bouguer gravity anomalies moon-boug-cel.jpg [moon-boug-1k.jpg]
Vertical gravity accelerations moon-grav-cel.jpg [moon-grav-1k.jpg] Note that this seems to be the original data used for the NASA image above.
Errors in the vertical gravity accelerations moon-grav_error-cel.jpg [moon-grav_error-1k.jpg]
Geoid Anomalies moon-geoid-cel.jpg [moon-geoid-1k.jpg]
Errors in the Geoid anomalies moon-geoid-error-cel.jpg [moon-geoid_error-1k.jpg]

Green Moon
(a work in progress)
moon5b.ssc [moon5b-1k.jpg]
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