Selden's Gallery of Celestia Pictures, Part 4: Luna by Clementine

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Clementine's Gravity Maps
The 1024x512 texture maps below were generated by scaling up and rotating 180 degrees the 800x400 pixel "simple cylindrical projection" maps provided on the Web by Washington University (St.Louis)'s Earth & Planetary Remote Sensing Laboratory on their PDS GeoSciences Node and their NASA Planetary Data System Geophysics Subnode See the page Note that the maps there are offset by 180 degrees compared to other maps of the Moon's surface.
Celestia screenshot Surface texture map Comments
Bouguer gravity anomalies moon-bouggrd-cel.jpg moon-bouggrd-1k.jpg
Free-Air gravity anomalies moon-fairgrd-cel.jpg moon-fairgrd1-1k.jpg
Free-Air gravity anomaly errors moon-faierr-cel.jpg moon-fairerr1-1k.jpg
Geoid anomalies moon-geoidgrd-cel.jpg moon-geoidgrd-1k.jpg
Geoid anomaly errors moon-geoiderr-cel.jpg moon-geoiderr-1k.jpg
Effective crustal thicknesses moon-thickgrd-cel.jpg moon-thickgrd-1k.jpg
Topography moon-topogrd1-cel.jpg moon-topogrd1-1k.jpg

Clementine's Albedo Map
The 1024x512 texture map below was generated by scaling down the 1080x540 pixel (10KM/pixel) "simple cylindrical projection" map provided on the Web at by the USGS. .
Celestia screenshot Surface texture map Comments
Global Albedo Map moon-albedo_simp750-1024.jpg albedo_simp750-1024.jpg An alternative 1K Lunar albedo map by Eric Anderson is available on the Web page It shows fewer crater shadows, but has exaggerated darkening of the maria.
Clementine Lunar Cartographic images from USGS/PDS
The 2048X1024 texture below was generated by slightly scaling down a 6 pixel/degree "simple cylindrical projection" map generated on the Web by the USGS "PDS MAP-A-PLANET" site at Note that the images derived from the Clementine dataset have several artifacts, including north-south stripes with variations in brightness. Also, there are some areas with no coverage at all.
Celestia screenshot Surface texture map
[Lunar PDS map]
2K Lunar map as shown by Celestia
2Kx1K Lunar surface texture map with 10 degree grid
[4K Lunar map shown by Celestia]
4K Lunar map as shown by Celestia
[4Kx2K Lunar surface map]
4Kx2K Lunar surface texture map

A 4Kx2K map was obtained directly from USGS/PDS. Only its brightness was enhanced by increasing its gamma by a factor of 1.8. This image does not include a grid.

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