International Workshop on Higher-Order-Mode Damping Superconducting RF Cavities

October 11-13, 2010

This international workshop on Higher-Order-Mode Damping Superconducting RF Cavities will be hosted by Cornell University and will take place in Clark Hall 7th Floor, on Cornell University's beautiful campus in upstate New York.

Our intention is to keep the workshop small in size and a true workshop in spirit. We ask potential participants from the same laboratory to coordinate with each other to form small groups of experts actively working in this field.

I'm looking forward to a productive workshop!


Matthias Liepe,
Program and Local Organizing Committee, Chair


This workshop will address different methods of damping Higher-Order-Modes in superconducting RF cavities.

Specific subjects of interest are:

  • RF absorging materials
  • Antenna HOM absorbers
  • Beampipe HOM absorbers
  • Waveguide HOM absorbers
  • HOM simulation tools
  • HOM measurement methods

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