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CLASSE NEWS | 25 Oct 2018

CLASSE Ph.D. James Maniscalco Wins Award at Global LINAC 2018 Conference

CLASSE Ph.D. student James Maniscalco was awarded second place in the LINAC 2018 student poster prize competition. His contribution to the conference, “Fundamental Studies of Impurity Doping in 1.3 GHz and Higher Frequency SRF Cavities,” focused on experimental measurements and theoretical modeling of the “anti-Q-slope”, a remarkable property of impurity-doped niobium superconducting radio frequency (SRF) accelerator cavities in which the surface resistance decreases as the accelerating field in the cavity increases. This is important for next-generation accelerator projects such as the Linac Coherent Light Source II (LCLS-II), which require cavities with very high quality factors. Understanding the fundamental science of this phenomenon is essential for developing the SRF technology demanded by future accelerators.

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James Maniscalco accepts his prize at LINAC

The biennial Linear Accelerator Conference (LINAC), held in 2018 in Beijing, China, serves as the premier gathering of linear accelerator experts from around the world to share their research and progress on accelerator projects.

James is in his fifth year of graduate studies at Cornell University. He works in the SRF group under the supervision of Professor Matthias Liepe.