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Joint Experimental and Theory Seminars in Particle Physics and Cosmology

Seminars are held in the Physical Sciences Building room 401 on Fridays at 12:30 pm (pizza at 12noon).

Welcome to the LEPP Joint Experimental and Theory seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology, at the Laboratory of Elementary-Particle Physics at Cornell University. We have speakers from all fields of elementary particle physics giving talks on both theoretical and experimental topics. Seminar organizer is Sungwoo Hong

For more information and questions about reimbursements, please contact Katerina Malysheva

Click here for information to help speakers planning their trip to Ithaca.

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Institution Title Hosts
Fri May 3 1pm Cari Cesarotti Harvard Searching in CMS Open Data for Dimuon Resonances with Substantial Transverse Momentum Poster Jim Alexander
Fri Feb 1 Iftah Galon Rutgers Exploring dark sectors at FASER: ForwArd Search ExpeRiment at the LHC Poster Theory group
Fri Feb 8        
Fri Feb 15 Itay Bloch Tel Aviv Comagnetometers as a Probe to New Physics Poster Theory group
Fri Feb 22 Marat Freytsis Tel Aviv/IAS Seeing the dark matter halo through Gaia’s eyes with machine learning Poster Theory group
Fri Mar 1        
Fri Mar 8 11am and 2:30pm Ben Nachman LBNL Preparing ATLAS pixels for the high rate and radiation environment of the HL-LHC, and Modeling final state radiation on a quantum computer Poster Jim Alexander
Fri Mar 8 1pm Claudius Krause Fermilab Higgs Effective Field Theories and their renormalization Poster Theory group
Fri Mar 15        
Fri Mar 22        
Fri Mar 29 Gustavo Marques Tavares Maryland Observable signatures of dark photons from supernovae Poster Theory group
Fri Apr 5        
Fri Apr 12 1pm Bethe lecturer John Preskill Caltech Simulating Quantum Field Theory with a Quantum Computer Poster Paul Ginsparg
Fri Apr 19        
Fri Apr 26 1pm Nima Arkani-Hamed IAS Toy models for UV-IR solutions of "fine-tuning" problems Poster Yuval Grossman and Csaba Csaki

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Institution Title Hosts
Fri Dec 7        
Fri Aug 31 Stefan Schacht Cornell Extraction of V_{cb} from B -> D^*l nu and SM prediction of R(D^*) Poster Theory group
Fri Sept 7        
Fri Sept 14 Nathan Lourie U Penn Sub-arcminute Galactic Polarimetry with the Next Generation Balloon-borne Large-Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (BLAST-TNG) Poster Mike Niemack
Fri Sept 21 Jim Talbert DESY Leptoquarks, residual flavour symmetries, and anomalous B-decays: a (roughly) model-independent approach to R_K(*) and fermionic mixing Poster Theory group
Fri Sept 28        
Fri Oct 5        
Fri Oct 12 Zhen Liu University of Maryland Timing BSM signals at the LHC Poster Theory group
Fri Oct 19        
Fri Oct 26 Andrew J. Long University of Michigan Black Holes, and Nuggets, and Blobs. Oh my Theory group
Fri Nov 2 Matthew D. Klimek Cornell Neural Network-Based Approach to Phase Space Integration Poster Theory group
Fri Nov 9        
Fri Nov 16        
Fri Nov 23        
Fri Nov 30        

Spring/Summer 2018

Date Speaker Institution Title Hosts
Wed Aug 15 2pm Joseph Reichert CERN Search for Compressed SUSY using Soft Leptons with the ATLAS Detector Poster Julia Thom
Fri Jan 26        
Fri Feb 2 David McKeen University of Pittsburgh Neutrino Portal Dark Matter Poster Theory group
Fri Feb 9 Tomer Volansky Tel Aviv University New Directions in the Search for Dark Matter Poster Theory group
Fri Feb 16        
Fri Feb 23 Rahul Datta NASA Goddard Space Science Center Measuring CMB Polarization with ACTPol and PIPER Poster Mike Niemack
Mon Feb 26 Amy Lowitz University of Chicago Detector and Readout Architectures for mm-wave Cosmology with SPT3G and Beyond Poster Mike Niemack
Fri Mar 2 Corrinne Mills UIC Baryogenesis and BSM Higgs physics Poster CMS group
Fri Mar 9 Oren Slone Princeton New Directions in the Search for Light Dark Matter Poster Theory group
Fri Mar 16        
Fri Mar 23 Reserved   (prospective grad student visit weekend)  
Fri Mar 30 Philip Barbeau Duke University The World’s Smallest Neutrino Detector Poster CMS group
Fri Apr 6 No seminar   (Spring break)  
Fri Apr 13 Matthias Neubert Mainz Effective Field Theory after a New Physics Discovery Poster Theory Group
Fri Apr 20 Denver Whittington Syracuse Investigating Neutrino Properties with the NOvA Experiment Poster  
Fri Apr 27        
Fri May 4 Anže Slosar Brookhaven National Laboratory 21-cm cosmology after 2021 Poster Mike Niemack
Fri May 11 Gopolang Mohlabeng Brookhaven National Laboratory Revisiting the Dark Photon Interpretation of the Muon g-2 anomaly Poster  
Fri May 18 Patrick Draper University of Massachusetts Amherst Strong CP at colliders and on the lattice Poster Csaba Csaki
Fri May 18 2:30pm 301 PSB Heather McCarrick Columbia Kinetic inductance detectors for millimeter-wave polarimetry Poster Mike Niemack
Mon May 21 3pm 301 PSB Michael Krohn University of Colorado Boosted Higgs: Precision Measurements and New Physics Poster Julia Thom
Wed May 23 2pm 301 PSB Jose Monroy University of Nebraska-Lincoln The inverted top-Higgs coupling and a bit on how the CMS pixel detector was built Poster Julia Thom
Tue May 29 3pm 301 PSB Menglei Sun Carnegie Mellon University Search for supersymmetry at CMS in events with photons Poster Julia Thom
Fri Jul 20 1pm Jennifer Chu Cornell University Thesis defense: Search for long-lived particles at CMS Poster Advisor: Ritchie Patterson

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Institution Title Hosts
Fri Dec 15 Steve Choi Princeton Precision Cosmology with Advanced ACTPol Poster Mike Niemack
Fri Aug 25 No seminar Q Exams    
Fri Sep 1 Kyle Story Stanford Searching for cosmic inflation: CMB Polarization B-mode Delensing with SPTpol and Herschel Poster Mike Niemack
Fri Sep 8 120PSB Kaustubh Agashe Univ. of Maryland Using Energy-Peaks to Measure (new and old) Particle Masses Theory Group
Fri Sep 15        
Fri Sep 22 Livia Soffi Cornell Unveiling New Physics with Photons at LHC CMS Experiment Poster Peter Wittich
Fri Sep 29 Nima Arkani-Hamed IAS UV/IR Correlations Solve Fine- Tuning Problems? Theory Group
Fri Oct 6 Tao Han University of Pittsburgh Physics Motivations for Future Colliders Poster Theory Group
Fri Oct 13        
Fri Oct 20      
Fri Oct 27 Marcelle Soares-Santos FNAL Observation of a Gravitational Wave Emitting Neutron Star Merger with the Dark Energy Camera Poster Yangyang Cheng
Fri Nov 3 David Curtin Univ. of Maryland BSM Opportunities at ep Colliders Poster Theory Group
Fri Nov 10 Jessie Shelton UIUC Looking for the WIMP Next Door Yangyang Cheng
Fri Nov 17 Lindsey Gray FNAL Time for an Upgrade: Trackers with Precision Timing at the HL-LHC and Beyond Poster Yangyang Cheng
Fri Nov 24 No Seminar Thanksgiving    
Fri Dec 1 Scott Aaronson UT Austin Special Seminar : Firewalls, AdS/CFT, and Computational Complexity Poster Paul Ginsparg
Fri Dec 8