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Particle Theory Seminars

Seminars are normally held in the Physical Sciences Building room 401 on Wednesdays at 2 pm and on Fridays at 1pm EDT (refreshments at 12:30pm).

Click here for information to help speakers planning their trip to Ithaca. For more information please contact Maximilian Ruhdorfer (, Lyanna (Xiangyu) Zhang (, or Katerina Malysheva (

Spring 2024

Date Speaker Institution Title
Wed May 22
Wed Jan 31 Gonzalo Alonso-Álvarez Toronto The role of dark matter in supermassive black hole mergers
Fri Feb 2
Wed Feb 7 Sergio Hernandez-Cuenca MIT Near-Extremal Black Hole Entropies from Replica Matrices
Fri Feb 9 Avital Dery Cornell New directions in kaon physics
Wed Feb 14  
Fri Feb 16
Wed Feb 21 Wayne Weng Cornell Deformations of JT Gravity and Matrix Models
Fri Feb 23 Jakob Moritz CERN Hierarchies from string theory
Wed Feb 28 no seminar - break
Fri Mar 1 Manki Kim MIT A Worldsheet Description of Flux Compactifications
Wed Mar 6
Fri Mar 8 Stefan Stelzl EPFL Axions at high densities
Wed Mar 13 Abhishek Banerjee Maryland From QCD scale to QCD axion, a dynamical solution to dark matter and baryons coincidence
Fri Mar 15 Ken Van Tilburg NYU Extended-Path Intensity Correlation (EPIC)
Wed Mar 20
Fri Mar 22 No seminar - prospective graduate visit weekend
Wed Mar 27 Gregoire Mathys EPFL A is for the ANEC
Fri Mar 29 no seminar
Wed Apr 3 no seminar - spring break
Fri Apr 5 no seminar - spring break
Wed Apr 10 Riccardo Rattazzi EPFL The quantum mechanics of a perfect fluid
Fri Apr 12 Rachel Houtz Florida U. Discrete Goldstone Bosons
Wed Apr 17
Fri Apr 19 Fien Apers Oxford U. String theory and the first half of the universe
Mon Apr 22 2:30pm Seung J. Lee Korea U. Axion DM from Inflation-driven QPT
Wed Apr 24 Guglielmo Coloretti Zurich U. New Higgses at the Electroweak scale
Fri Apr 26 Yifan Wang NYU Fusing conformal impurities in higher dimensions
Wed May 1 Matthias Neubert Mainz RG-improved resummation of super-leading logarithms and the Glauber series
Fri May 3 David Dunsky NYU Production of ROMP Dark Matter
Wed May 8
Fri May 10
Wed May 15
Fri May 17

Fall 2023

Date Speaker Institution Title
Fri Dec 1 Lorenzo Ricci Maryland Exploring the flavor of the TeV
Wed Aug 30 Matthias Neubert Mainz Probing for ALPs precisely
Fri Sept 1      
Wed Sept 6      
Fri Sept 8 David Grabovsky UCSB Heavy States in 3d Gravity and 2d CFT
Tue Sept 12 10:00am Cliff Cheung Caltech Note time 10:00am
Fri Sept 15 Bingrong Yu Cornell Invariant Theory and Leptonic CP Violation
Wed Sept 20 Gabriele Rigo IPhT Saclay The Two Scales of New Physics in Higgs Couplings
Fri Sept 22 Innes Bigaran Fermilab & Northwestern What if cLFV was only detectable in tau decays?
Wed Sept 27 Xucheng Gan NYU Millicharged Cosmology
Fri Sept 29 Zamir Heller-Algazi Tel-Aviv University Relevant Dilaton Stabilization
Wed Oct 4 Neal Weiner NYU Dark Sectors Below the MeV Scale
Fri Oct 6 Sridip Pal Caltech Lightcone Modular bootstrap and Cardy-like formula for Near-extremal black holes
Wed Oct 11 no seminar - Fall break    
Fri Oct 13      
Wed Oct 18 Cari Cesarotti MIT Physics potential of future muon colliders
Fri Oct 20      
Wed Oct 25 Yue Zhang Carleton Dark Matter from Early Universe Neutrino Oscillation
Thurs Oct 26 3:30pm Suzanne Bintanja Amsterdam Holographic imprints on asymptotic expansions 3:30pm
Fri Oct 27 Alberto Nicolis Columbia Apparent Fine Tunings for Field Theories with Broken Space-Time Symmetries
Wed Nov 1 Weiguang Cao Tokyo U Duality and non-invertible symmetry with subsystem symmetry
Fri Nov 3      
Wed Nov 8 Zoltan Ligeti Lawrence Berkeley National Lab B Anomalies: Still HQETing
Fri Nov 10 Álvaro Pastor-Gutiérrez MPI Heidelberg Unveiling hidden phases and charting strong sectors
Wed Nov 15 Michael Nee Harvard University Axion couplings in Grand Unified Theories
Fri Nov 17 12:00pm Bibhushan Shakya DESY Phenomenological Aspects of Dark First Order Phase Transitions
Wed Nov 22 no seminar - Thanksgiving break    
Fri Nov 24 no seminar - Thanksgiving break    
Wed Nov 29 Qianshu Lu Institute for Advanced Study and New York University The Quality/Cosmology Tension for a Post-Inflation QCD Axion

Spring 2023

Date Speaker Institution Title
Wed May 17 Raffaele Savelli Rome University  
Wed Feb 1 Francesco Di Filippo YITP, Kyoto University Hearts of Darkness: theory and phenomenology of non-singular black holes.
Fri Feb 3 Rashmish Mishra Harvard A model agnostic approach to hidden sectors
Wed Feb 8 Marat Freytsis Cornell Effective uses of quantum simulation for particle physics
Fri Feb 10 Ameen Ismail Cornell Relevant dilaton stabilization
Wed Feb 15 Seth Koren Chicago Putting Generalized Symmetries to Work for Particle Physics
Fri Feb 17      
Tue Feb 21 at Clifford Cheung Caltech CANCELLED
Fri Feb 24 no seminar   February Break
Wed Mar 1    
Fri Mar 3      
Wed Mar 8 Manuel A. Buen-Abad Maryland An acoustic dark sector model and tensions in the cosmological data
Fri Mar 10 Ian Moult Yale Conformal Colliders Meet the LHC
Wed Mar 15 Yiming Chen Princeton University Black hole spin-statistics
Fri Mar 17 Taewook Youn University of Texas Twin Quark Dark Matter
Wed Mar 22 Subhajit Ghosh Notre Dame Probing Axionic Instabilities in the late Universe via CMB-B mode
Fri Mar 24 no seminar   Prospective Student visit
Wed Mar 29 Itay Bloch LBL Millicharged Dark Matter Propagating in Space and on Earth
Fri Mar 31 no seminar   Spring Break
Wed Apr 5    
Fri Apr 7      
Wed Apr 12 Scott Collier Princeton University 3d gravity and Teichmuller TQFT
Fri Apr 14 Anatoly Dymarsky University of Kentucky Holographic description of code CFTs
Wed Apr 19 Joseph Tooby-Smith Cornell Symmetries of field theories
Fri Apr 21 reserved for B Exam    
Wed Apr 26      
Fri Apr 28      
Wed May 3 Yang Ma INFN, Bologna Bread and butter physics at future multi-TeV lepton colliders
Fri May 5 reserved for B Exam    
Wed May 10 Bernardo Zan Princeton University  

Fall 2022

Date Speaker Institution Title
Fri Dec 2 Reserved for Joint Seminar with UMD: Ian Moult Yale Conformal Colliders Meet the LHC
Wed Aug 31 Stefan Schacht Manchester U Theory of CP Violation in Charm Decays
Fri Sept 2 Maximilian Ruhdorfer Cornell RG of GR from on-shell amplitudes
Wed Sept 7
Fri Sept 9 Andre LeClair Cornell On the classification of UV completions of integrable TT¯ deformations of CFT
Wed Sept 14
Fri Sept 16    
Wed Sept 21 Venkatesa Chandrasekaran IAS Large N algebras and generalized entropy
Fri Sept 23 David Meltzer Cornell Conformal Colliders for the Wilson-Fisher Theory
Wed Sept 28 Margarita Gavrilova Cornell Systematics of U-spin Amplitude Sum Rules
Fri Sept 30 Ben Stefanek Zurich U. Hints towards a theory of flavor at the TeV scale
Wed Oct 5 Daniel Carney LBL, Berkeley Fundamental physics at the quantum limits of measurement
Fri Oct 7 No seminar
Wed Oct 12
Fri Oct 14 Zhengkang Zhang UCSB Magic Zeroes and Hidden Symmetries
Wed Oct 19 Christopher Dessert NYU Polarization Signals of Axions at Magnetic White Dwarfs
Fri Oct 21 Alessandro Podo Columbia U. Integer solutions to the anomaly equations for a class of chiral gauge theories
Wed Oct 26 Shu-Heng Shao Stony Brook University Non-invertible Symmetries in Nature
Fri Oct 28 Austin Joyce Univ. of Chicago A boundary view on cosmology
Wed Nov 2 Jorrit Kruthoff IAS An integrable road to a perturbative plateau
Fri Nov 4 Devin Walker Dartmouth CANCELLED: Bosonic Mixing in Curved Spacetime
Tue Nov 8 at 4pm Abhiram Kidambi Kavli IPMU BPS black holes and Niemeier lattices: An Octonionic Supergravity Story
Wed Nov 9 Konstantin Springmann TU Munich How axions change stars
Fri Nov 11 reserved
Tue Nov 15 at 4pm Severin Lüst Harvard Effective Theory of Warped Compactifications and the Implications for KKLT
Wed Nov 16 Du Pei University of Southern Denmark Conformal field theories and topological modular forms
Fri Nov 18    
Wed Nov 23 Thanksgiving break
Fri Nov 25 Thanksgiving break
Tue Nov 29 at 3pm Zohar Komargodski Stony Brook Phases of Wilson and 't Hooft Lines
Wed Nov 30 Benjamin Lehmann MIT Direct detection of dark matter far from the weak scale

Spring 2022

Date Speaker Institution Title
Fri May 13 David Kolchmeyer Harvard  
Fri Jan 28  
Wed Feb 2  
Fri Feb 4  
Wed Feb 9 Jasper Roosmale Nepveu DESY The seeds of EFT double copy
Fri Feb 11 Raffaele Tito D'Agnolo IPhT, Saclay Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: Cosmological Selection of the Weak Scale
Wed Feb 16  
Fri Feb 18 Q Exams  
Wed Feb 23 Snowmass Theory Frontier Conference  
Fri Feb 25 Snowmass Theory Frontier Conference  
Wed Mar 2 Daniel Aloni Boston U. A Step in Understanding the Hubble Tension
Fri Mar 4 11:30am RESERVED  
Wed Mar 9 Joshua W. Foster MIT Searching for Axion Conversion with the GBT Breakthrough Listen Galactic Center Survey
Fri Mar 11 Scott Melville Cambridge U. Amplitudes in the sky
Wed Mar 16  
Fri Mar 18 Alex Pomarol Barcelona Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: Small instantons and the axion mass
Wed Mar 23 Atakan Hilmi Fırat MIT D-instanton superpotential in type II string theory on Calabi-Yau orientifolds
Fri Mar 25 Prospective Student visit  
Wed Mar 30 Michael Trott NBI The Geometric SMEFT description of curved Higgs Field Space(s)
Fri Apr 1  
Wed Apr 6 Spring break  
Fri Apr 8 Spring break  
Wed Apr 13 Sam Homiller Harvard Complementary Signals of Lepton Flavor Violation at a High-Energy Muon Collider
Fri Apr 15 Matthias Neubert Mainz U. Resummation of Super-Leading Logarithms
Wed Apr 20 Pratik Rath UCSB The Page Curve for Reflected Entropy
Fri Apr 22 Maxim Pospelov Perimeter Inst. Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: Standard Model and EDMs
Wed Apr 27 Lampros Lamprou UBC Falling inside holographic black holes
Fri Apr 29 Naomi Gendler Cornell PQ Axiverse
Wed May 4 Giulia Isabella IJCLab, Orsay Gravitational Causality, the Eikonal Approximation and the Photon Self-Stress
Fri May 6 Zhengkang Zhang UCSB Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: Magic Zeroes and Hidden Symmetries
Wed May 11 Ho Tat Lam MIT  

Fall 2021

Date Speaker Institution Title
Wed Dec 8 John Stout Harvard Ionization of Gravitational Atoms
Wed Sept 1  
Fri Sept 3  
Wed Sept 8 Jeff Dror UC Santa Cruz The Cosmic Axion Background
Fri Sept 10 Andres Karch U. of Texas, Austin Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: Branes, Islands, and Massive Gravitons
Wed Sept 15 John Terning UC Davis Spurious Poles in Electric-Magnetic Scattering
Fri Sept 17  
Wed Sept 22 Walter Tangarife Loyola U Sterile neutrinos and self-interactions
Fri Sept 24  
Wed Sept 29 Asher Berlin NYU Heterodyne Detection of Axion Dark Matter
Fri Oct 1 Zi-Yu Dong Beijing, Inst. Theor. Phys. Constructing On-shell Operator basis for all Masses and Spins
Wed Oct 6 Zachary Polonsky U of Cincinnati Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry in Neutral Kaons
Fri Oct 8 Xiaochuan Lu U. Oregon Effective Field Theory for Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Wed Oct 13 Alex Belin CERN Bootstrapping Quantum Extremal Surfaces
Fri Oct 15      
Wed Oct 20 Ira Rothstein CMU A Generic Class of Field Theories Which {\it Appear} to be Finely Tuned
Fri Oct 22 Gian Giudice CERN Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: Self-Organised Localisation
Tue Oct 26 4pm Andrew Strominger Harvard Special seminar (Bethe Lectures) The Holographic Principle in Flat Space
Wed Oct 27 no seminar    
Fri Oct 29 Juri Smirnov Stockholm University Thermal Sqeezeout of Dark Matter
Wed Nov 3 Hongwan Liu Princeton U. / NYU Lyman-Alpha Constraints on Cosmic Heating from Dark Matter Annihilation and Decay
Fri Nov 5 Monica Pate Harvard U. Celestial Operator Product Expansions and w_{1+infinity} Symmetry for All Spins
Wed Nov 10  
Fri Nov 12 Josh Ruderman New York U. Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: Dark Sector Prospects Away from Equilibrium
Wed Nov 17 Christophe Grojean DESY The BSM orders of CPV
Fri Nov 19 Phil Saad IAS Comments on wormholes and factorization
Wed Nov 24 Thanksgiving break - no seminar
Fri Nov 26 Thanksgiving break - no seminar
Wed Dec 1 Mark Mezei SCGP The volume of the black hole interior at late times
Fri Dec 3 David Kaplan Johns Hopkins U Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: A Causal Modification of Quantum Mechanics

Spring 2021

Date Speaker Institution Title
Thu May 13 Zackaria Chacko Maryland Pheno Seminar:
Thu Feb 11 Diego Redigolo CERN Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: Ripples in Spacetime from broken SUSY video
Wed Feb 17 Ofri Telem Berkeley Joint LEPP String/Pheno Seminar: Amplitudes for Monopoles video
Thu Feb 18 Mitrajyoti Ghosh Cornell Pheno Seminar: Probing the two-neutrino exchange force using atomic parity violation video
Wed Feb 24 String Seminar:
Thu Feb 25 Weishuang Linda Xu Harvard U. Pheno Seminar: Exploring the Co-SIMP dark sector video
Wed Mar 3 String Seminar:
Thu Mar 4 Rick S. Gupta Durham U., IPPP Pheno Seminar: A heavy axion/'massless up' from partial compositeness video
Wed Mar 10 Kepa Sousa Charles U. String Seminar: Type-IIB Flux Vacua with Universal Mass Spectrum video
Thu Mar 11 Nathaniel Craig UCSB Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: Optimal Transport for Particle Physicists video  
Wed Mar 17 Konstantin Aleshkin Columbia U. String Seminar: Computation of period integrals in Landau-Ginzburg phase video  
Thu Mar 18 Andrew Gomes Cornell University Pheno Seminar: SuperSIMPs video
Wed Mar 24 Yikun Jiang Cornell String Seminar: Entanglement entropy and edge modes in topological string theory video  
Thu Mar 25 Joseph Tooby-Smith Cambridge U. Pheno Seminar: Inverse Higgs 'Constraints’ video  
Wed Mar 31 String Seminar:
Thu Apr 1 Avital Dery Cornell Pheno Seminar: The return of the Kaon video
Wed Apr 7 String Seminar:
Thu Apr 8 Jure Zupan U Cincinnati Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: New physics in muons? video
Wed Apr 14 Eanna Flanagan Cornell String Seminar: An order-unity correction to Hawking radiation video
Thu Apr 15 Manuel A. Buen-Abad Brown U. Pheno Seminar: Constraints on Axions from Cosmic Distance Measurements video
Wed Apr 21 String Seminar:
Thu Apr 22 Mario Reig Univ. of Valencia Pheno Seminar: The Stochastic Axiverse video
Wed Apr 28 Henry Lin Princeton String Seminar: Signatures of global symmetry violation in relative entropies and replica wormholes video
Thu Apr 29 Francesco Sgarlata Cornell Pheno Seminar: Open questions about constraints on gravitational EFTs
Wed May 5 String Seminar:
Thu May 6 Yang Bai Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: Magnetic Black Holes with Electroweak-Symmetric Coronas
Wed May 12 String Seminar:

Fall 2020

Date Speaker Institution Title
Thu Dec 10 Katelin Schutz MIT Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: Making dark matter out of light: the cosmology of sub-MeV freeze-in video
Thu Sept 3 Ameen Ismail Cornell Pheno Seminar: Crunching Dilaton, Hidden Naturalness video
Wed Sept 9     String Seminar:
Thu Sept 10 4:30pm Jonathan Kozaczuk UC San Diego Pheno Seminar: Plasmon Production from Dark Matter Scattering
Wed Sept 16 Mudassir Moosa Cornell String Seminar: A Renyi Quantum Null Energy Condition video
Thu Sept 17 Wei Xue U Florida Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: New Physics Interpretations of the XENON1T Excess video
Wed Sept 23 Manki Kim Cornell String Seminar: Updates on de Sitter Vacua in String Theory video
Thu Sept 24 Daniel Egana-Ugrinovic Perimeter Pheno Seminar: Higgs Bosons with Large Couplings to Light Quarks video
Wed Sept 30 Mehmet Demirtas Cornell String Seminar: The Calabi-Yau Landscape: Beyond the Lampposts video
Thu Oct 1 Mauro Valli UC Irvine Pheno Seminar: B anomalies under the lens of electroweak precision video
Wed Oct 7 Anatoly Dymarsky University of Kentucky String Seminar: Quantum codes, lattices, and CFTs video
Thu Oct 8 Soubhik Kumar Maryland Pheno Seminar: Probing the High-Quality QCD Axion video
Wed Oct 14     String Seminar:
Thu Oct 15 Seth Koren U Chicago Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: UV/IR Mixing and the Hierarchy Problem video
Wed Oct 21 Antony Speranza Perimeter String Seminar: Anomalies in gravitational charge algebras of null boundaries and black hole entropy video
Thu Oct 22 Prasanth Shyamsundar U. Florida Pheno Seminar: InClass nets for unsupervised classification, OASIS to meet HEP simulation requirements video
Wed Oct 28     String Seminar:
Thu Oct 29 Andrea Caputo TAU-Weizmann Pheno Seminar: Looking for BSM physics in CMB and 21 cm data video
Wed Nov 4     String Seminar:
Thu Nov 5 Da Liu UC Davis Pheno Seminar: Higgs Mechanism from On-Shell Massive Amplitude video
Wed Nov 11     String Seminar:
Thu Nov 12 Martin Schmaltz Boston U Joint Pheno Seminar with Maryland: Interacting dark radiation, the CMB, and the H0 tension video
Wed Nov 18 Thomas Grimm Utrecht University String Seminar: Moduli Space Holography and the Finiteness of Flux Vacua video
Thu Nov 19 Daniel Stolarski Carleton Pheno Seminar: Emerging Jets
Wed Nov 23     String Seminar:
Thu Nov 26 No Seminar - Thanksgiving    
Wed Dec 2 Jacob McNamara Harvard String Seminar: Wormholes in Holography and the Swampland video
Thu Dec 3 Bryan Ostdiek Harvard Pheno Seminar: The top mass: precision and BSM implications video
Tue Dec 8 10am Gregoire Mathys   String Seminar: On the Stress Tensor Light-ray Operator Algebra

Spring 2020

Date Speaker Institution Title
Fri May 1 Daniel Egana-Ugrinovic Perimeter New physics in the Higgs sector Poster
Wed Jan 22      
Fri Jan 24 No seminar   (Q exam)
Wed Jan 29      
Fri Jan 31      
Wed Feb 5      
Fri Feb 7 Victor Gorbenko IAS CANCELLED
Wed Feb 12      
Fri Feb 14      
Wed Feb 19 Elina Fuchs Fermilab/Univ of Chicago Electroweak Baryogenesis, Higgs rates and EDMs with dim-6 complex Yukawas Poster
Thu Feb 20 1pm Niccolo Cribiori Vienna Uplifting anti-D-branes Poster
Fri Feb 21 Matthias Schlaffer Fermilab/Univ of Chicago LEPP Joint Seminar: Relaxion searches at future colliders Poster
Wed Feb 26      
Fri Feb 28 Cynthia Chang McGill LEPP Joint Seminar: Illuminating the Dark Universe with Radio Observations Poster
Tue Mar 3 12:30pm Caterina Vernieri CERN LEPP Joint Seminar: What is the Higgs boson hiding? Poster
Wed Mar 4 Simon Catterall Syracuse N=4 Super Yang-Mills on the Lattice Poster
Fri Mar 6      
Wed Mar 11 Daniel Egana-Ugrinovic Perimeter POSTPONED
Fri Mar 13 Prasanth Shyamsundar U. Florida POSTPONED Quantum computing and machine learning in high energy data analysis Poster
Wed Mar 18      
Fri Mar 20 No seminar   (prospective grad student weekend)
Wed Mar 25 Jonathan Kozaczuk UC San Diego POSTPONED
Fri Mar 27 Da Liu UC, Davis POSTPONED
Wed Apr 1 No seminar   (spring break)
Fri Apr 3 No seminar   (spring break)
Wed Apr 8 Soubhik Kumar Maryland U., College Park POSTPONED
Fri Apr 10 Alexey Milekhin Princeton POSTPONED
Wed Apr 15 Bryan Ostdiek Harvard POSTPONED
Fri Apr 17 Sarah Harrison McGill POSTPONED
Wed Apr 22 Mauro Valli Irvine POSTPONED
Fri Apr 24 Daniel Stolarski Carleton POSTPONED
Wed Apr 29      

Summer/Fall 2019

Date Speaker Institution Title
Fri Dec 6      
Tue July 2 Indranil Halder   Matter Chern-Simons Theories in a Background Magnetic Field Poster
Wed Sept 4 Andrea Manenti EPFL Implications of the ANEC in four dimensional SCFTs Poster
Fri Sept 6 Emilie Passemar Indiana University LEPP Joint Seminar: Determination of Vus and status of the first-row CKM unitarity Poster
Wed Sept 11
Fri Sept 13 Avital Dery Cornell LEPP Joint Seminar: New physics implications of the LHCb discovery of CP violation in charm decays Poster
Wed Sept 18 Sokratis Trifinopoulos Zurich U. B-physics anomalies: The bridge between R-parity violating Supersymmetry and flavoured Dark Matter Poster
Fri Sept 20
Wed Sept 25 Fady Bishara DESY The Tower of Effective Field Theories for Dark Matter Direct Detection Poster
Fri Sept 27      
Wed Oct 2 Max Ruhdorfer TU Munich Effective Field Theory of Gravity to All Orders Poster
Fri Oct 4
Wed Oct 9 Sebastien Renaux-Petel Paris, Inst. Astrophys Inflation and Geometry Poster
Fri Oct 11 John Stout Amsterdam Gravitational Collider Physics Poster
Wed Oct 16
Fri Oct 18
Wed Oct 23 Po-Jen Wang NYU Thermal Relic Targets with Exponentially Small Couplings Poster
Fri Oct 25 Francesco Sgarlata SISSA, Trieste Supersoft bounds and Higher Spins EFTs Poster
Wed Oct 30 Gowri Kurup Cornell Conformal Freeze-In of Dark Matter Poster
Fri Nov 1 Javi Serra TU Munich Weak Gravity Conjecture from Amplitudes' Positivity Poster
Wed Nov 6 Patrick Fox Fermilab All anomaly-free U(1) theories Poster
Fri Nov 8 Junwu Huang Perimeter Inst. Theor. Phys. Searches for other vacua: A new Higgstory at the cosmological collider Poster
Wed Nov 13 Yi-Ming Zhong Boston U. Core collapse halos Poster
Fri Nov 15 Pouya Asadi MIT Theoretical Updates on the Flavor Anomalies Poster
Wed Nov 20 Nikita Blinov Fermilab Axion Dark Matter Production and Sub-Structure in Non-Standard Cosmologies Poster
Fri Nov 22 John Terning UC Davis Detecting Magnetic Dark Matter
Wed Nov 27 Thanksgiving break
Fri Nov 29 Thanksgiving break
Wed Dec 4      

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Institution Title
Fri May 10 Nima Lashkari IAS Constraining correlation functions of QFT using Modular theory Poster
Wed Jan 16
Fri Jan 18 Nima Afkhami-Jeddi Cornell Causality and Universality of Einstein Gravity Poster  
Wed Jan 23 Irene Valenzuela Cornell The String Swampland and Emergence of Global Symmetries Poster
Fri Jan 25      
Wed Jan 30
Fri Feb 1 Iftah Galon Rutgers LEPP Joint Seminar: Exploring dark sectors at FASER: ForwArd Search ExpeRiment at the LHC Poster
Wed Feb 6 Saso Grozdanov MIT Thermal transport and quantum chaos in holographic theories with stringy corrections and kinetic theory
Fri Feb 8 Cody Long Northeastern University Axion Reheating the Landscape Poster
Wed Feb 13 Mudassir Moosa Cornell Does holographic complexity satisfy Lloyd's bound? Poster
Fri Feb 15 Itay Bloch Tel Aviv LEPP Joint Seminar: Comagnetometers as a Probe to New Physics Poster
Wed Feb 20 Dalimil Mazac Stony Brook A crossing-symmetric OPE inversion formula Poster
Fri Feb 22 Marat Freytsis Tel Aviv/IAS LEPP Joint Seminar: Seeing the dark matter halo through Gaia's eyes with machine learning Poster
Wed Feb 27 Diego Redigolo Tel Aviv/IAS Probing New Forces at Flavor Factories Poster
Fri Mar 1 Marcus Berg Karlstad String Loops in Curved Space Poster
Wed Mar 6 Claudius Krause Fermilab Higgs Effective Field Theories and their renormalization Poster
Fri Mar 8 11am and 2:30pm Ben Nachman LBNL LEPP Joint Seminars: Preparing ATLAS pixels for the high rate and radiation environment of the HL-LHC, and Modeling final state radiation on a quantum computer Poster
Fri Mar 8 1pm Oliver Witzel Boulder LEPP Joint Seminar: Nonperturbative calculations for exclusive semileptonic B(s) decays in the Standard Model Poster
Wed Mar 13 Sylvain Fichet ICTP/SAIFR/Caltech Quantum forces from the dark sector Poster
Fri Mar 15 Emmanuel Stamou Chicago Low Energy Probes of High Energy CP Violation Poster
Wed Mar 20 Max Zimet Stanford K3 metrics from little string theory Poster
Fri Mar 22 No seminar   (prospective grad student weekend)
Wed Mar 27 Ahmed Almheiri IAS An Investigation into Evaporating Eternal Black Holes Poster
Fri Mar 29 Gustavo Marques Tavares Maryland LEPP Joint Seminar: Observable signatures of dark photons from supernovae Poster
Wed Apr 3 No seminar   (spring break)
Fri Apr 5 No seminar   (spring break)
Wed Apr 10 Cristina Mondino NYU Looking for new physics in real data: from LHC to GAIA Poster
Fri Apr 12 Bethe lecturer John Preskill Caltech LEPP Joint Seminar: Simulating Quantum Field Theory with a Quantum Computer Poster
Wed Apr 17 Simone Blasi MPI Heidelberg Softened Goldstone-symmetry breaking Poster
Fri Apr 19 Julian Munoz Harvard LEPP Joint Seminar: Searching for Dark Matter and Dark Energy at Cosmic Dawn
Tue Apr 23 3pm Nima Arkani-Hamed IAS LEPP Informal Seminar Poster
Wed Apr 24 Nima Arkani-Hamed IAS Elementary Positive Geometry of Causal Diamonds, Particles and Strings Poster
Wed Apr 24 7:30pm Schwartz Aud Nima Arkani-Hamed IAS Public Lecture: What's the point of doing fundamental science? Poster
Thu Apr 25 10:30am Nima Arkani-Hamed IAS LEPP Joint Seminar: Toy models for UV-IR solutions of "fine-tuning" problems Poster
Thu Apr 25 4pm 200 Baker Nima Arkani-Hamed IAS Mathematics Joint Oliver Club and Physics Colloquium: Spacetime and Quantum Mechanics, Total Positivity and Motives Poster
Wed May 1      
Fri May 3 Cari Cesarotti Harvard Searching in CMS Open Data for Dimuon Resonances with Substantial Transverse Momentum Poster
Wed May 8 Ofri Telem Cornell Naturalness without New Resonances: The Continuum Composite Higgs Poster

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Institution Title
Fri Dec 14
Wed Aug 29 Jay Hubisz Syracuse U. Self-Organized Higgs Criticality Poster
Fri Aug 31 Stefan Schacht Cornell LEPP Joint Seminar: Extraction of V_{cb} from B -> D^*l nu and SM prediction of R(D^*) Poster
Wed Sept 5 Peizhi Du University of Maryland Hybrid seesaw leptogenesis and TeV singlets Poster
Fri Sept 7
Mon Sept 10 2:30pm Bernard Julia Ecole Normale Superieure, France E8 families Poster
Wed Sept 12 Paul Oehlmann Virginia Tech F-theory and global models of high energy physics Poster  
Fri Sept 14 Nathan Lourie U Penn LEPP Joint Seminar: Sub-arcminute Galactic Polarimetry with the Next Generation Balloon-borne Large-Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (BLAST-TNG) Poster  
Wed Sept 19 Sungwoo Hong Cornell Dirac neutrino from clockwork and its phenomenology Poster
Fri Sept 21 301 PSB Jim Talbert DESY LEPP Joint Seminar: Leptoquarks, residual flavour symmetries, and anomalous B-decays: a (roughly) model-independent approach to R_K(*) and fermionic mixing Poster
Wed Sept 26    
Fri Sept 28
Wed Oct 3 Jason Aebischer Technische Universität München Epsilon'/epsilon beyond the SM: Poster
Fri Oct 5 John Stout University of Amsterdam Non-perturbative Potentials in the Real Time Poster
Wed Oct 10
Fri Oct 12 Zhen Liu University of Maryland LEPP Joint Seminar: Timing BSM signals at the LHC Poster
Wed Oct 17  
Fri Oct 19 Murat Kologlu Caltech The Conformal Bootstrap at Finite Temperature and the 3d Ising CFT Poster
Wed Oct 24 Grant N. Remmen UC Berkeley Weak Gravity Conjecture from Black Hole Entropy Poster
Fri Oct 26 Andrew J. Long University of Michigan LEPP Joint Seminar: Black Holes, and Nuggets, and Blobs. Oh my! Poster
Tue Oct 30 B Exam Wee Hao Ng Cornell Revisiting hydrogen-antihydrogen oscillations in the interstellar medium Poster
Wed Oct 31 Jorrit Kruthoff University of Amsterdam Superradiance and representation theory Poster
Fri Nov 2 Matthew D. Klimek Cornell LEPP Joint Seminar: Neural Network-Based Approach to Phase Space Integration Poster
Wed Nov 7 Marco Farina Stony Brook Searching for anomalies at the LHC with machine learning Poster
Fri Nov 9 John Terning UC Davis Resolving the Weinberg Paradox with Topology Poster
Tues Nov 13 Bernardo Zan IHES Walking, weakly first order phase transitions and complex CFTs Poster
Wed Nov 14 Matthew Reece Harvard Photon Masses in the Landscape and Dark Photon Dark Matter Poster
Fri Nov 16 Arvin Shahbazi Moghaddam Berkeley Energy is Entanglement Poster
Wed Nov 21
Fri Nov 23
Wed Nov 28 Felix Yu Mainz Collider probes of a gauged U(1) baryon number Poster
Fri Nov 30 Jonathan Heckman U. Penn F-theory and Dark Energy Poster
Tue Dec 4 4pm Miguel Montero KU Leuven The WGC from holographic entanglement entropy
Fri Dec 7
Wed Dec 12

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Institution Title
Thu June 21 1pm 438 PSB Kin-Wang Ng Academia Sinica, Taiwan Primordial black holes and gravitational waves in inflation Poster
Wed Jan 17    
Fri Jan 19    
Wed Jan 24 Daniel Aloni Weizmann Institute What can we do with Belle two? Poster
Fri Jan 26    
Wed Jan 31 Jiang-Hao Yu ITP-CAS Twin Symmetry Breaking in Twin Higgs Models Poster
Fri Feb 2 David McKeen University of Pittsburgh Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Neutrino Portal Dark Matter Poster
Wed Feb 7 Eric Perlmutter Caltech Modern Explorations of Double-Trace Deformations Poster
Fri Feb 9 Tomer Volansky Tel Aviv University Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: New Directions in the Search for Dark Matter Poster
Wed Feb 14 Nadav Outmezguine Tel Aviv University Dissipative Dark Matter and the Growth of Black Holes Poster
Fri Feb 16    
Wed Feb 21 Gabriel Lee Cornell/Korea U Dark Quarkonium Formation in the Early Universe Poster
Fri Feb 23 Rahul Datta NASA Goddard Space Science Center Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Measuring CMB Polarization with ACTPol and PIPER Poster
Mon Feb 26 Amy Lowitz U Chicago Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Detector and Readout Architectures for mm-wave Cosmology with SPT3G and Beyond Poster
Wed Feb 28 Daliang Li Johns Hopkins Bulk reconstruction in AdS3 Poster
Fri Mar 2 Corrinne Mills UIC Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Baryogenesis and BSM Higgs physics Poster
Wed Mar 7 Kimberly Boddy Johns Hopkins Cosmological Constraints on the Effective Theory of Dark Matter Interactions Poster
Fri Mar 9 Oren Slone Princeton Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: New Directions in the Search for Light Dark Matter Poster
Wed Mar 14 Dave Sutherland UC, Santa Barbara Anderson localisation in theory space Poster
Fri Mar 16      
Wed Mar 21 Diego Redigolo Tel Aviv University (Rel)-axions and SM hierarchies Poster
Fri Mar 23 Reserved   (prospective grad student visit weekend)
Tue Mar 27 4pm 301PSB Gustavo Turiaci Princeton University Quantum Gravity in Two Dimensional (nearly) AdS Poster
Wed Mar 28 Anson Hook University of Maryland Solving the Hierarchy Problem Discretely Poster
Fri Mar 30 Phillip Barbeau Duke University Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: The World's Smallest Neutrino Detector Poster
Wed Apr 4 No seminar   (Spring break)  
Fri Apr 6 No seminar   (Spring break)  
Wed Apr 11 Aaron Held / Fleur Versteegen University of Heidelberg The status of asymptotic safety for gravity and the Standard Model Poster
Fri Apr 13 Matthias Neubert Mainz Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Effective Field Theory after a New Physics Discovery Poster
Wed Apr 18 438 PSB Sergei Dubovsky New York University Complementarity from Identity Poster
Fri Apr 20 Denver Whittington Syracuse Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Investigating Neutrino Properties with the NOvA Experiment Poster
Wed Apr 25 Yuri Shirman UC, Irvine Pre-ADS superpotential from multi-monopoles Poster
Fri Apr 27    
Wed May 2 Gabriele Rigo Syracuse Neutron Star Mergers Chirp About Vacuum Energy Poster
Fri May 4 Anže Slosar Brookhaven National Laboratory Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: 21-cm cosmology after 2021 Poster
Wed May 9      
Fri May 11 Gopolang Mohlabeng Brookhaven National Laboratory Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Revisiting the Dark Photon Interpretation of the Muon g-2 anomaly Poster
Wed May 16    
Fri May 18 Patrick Draper University of Massachusetts Amherst Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Strong CP at colliders and on the lattice Poster
Mon May 21 10am 120 PSB Salvator Lombardo Cornell University Thesis defense: Continuum Top Partners Poster
Mon May 21 3pm 301 PSB Michael Krohn University of Colorado Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Boosted Higgs: Precision Measurements and New Physics Poster
Tue May 22 1pm 120 PSB Yu-Dai Tsai Cornell University Thesis defense: New Models, Terrestrial, and Multi-Messenger Probes of New Physics: Dark Matter Poster
Wed May 23 2pm 301 PSB Jose Monroy University of Nebraska-Lincoln Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: The inverted top-Higgs coupling and a bit on how the CMS pixel detector was built Poster
Tue May 29 3pm 301 PSB Menglei Sun Carnegie Mellon University Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Search for supersymmetry at CMS in events with photons Poster
Wed May 30 Raghu Mahajan Princeton University The SYK model at very low energies Poster

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Institution Title
Fri Dec 15 Steve Choi Princeton Precision Cosmology with Advanced ACTPol Poster
Wed Aug 23 Simon Kast KIT Flavoured Dark Matter in Dark Minimal Flavour Violation Poster
Fri Aug 25 No seminar - Q Exams    
Wed Aug 30 Matthias Neubert Mainz LHC as an Axion Factory: Probing an Axion Explanation for (g-2)_\mu with Exotic Higgs Decays Poster
Fri Sep 1 Kyle Story Stanford Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Searching for cosmic inflation: CMB Polarization B-mode Delensing with SPTpol and Herschel Poster
Tue Sep 5 Matthias Weissenbacher Tokyo U., IPMU & Munich, Max Planck Inst. A Tale of Higher Derivatives and the Kählerpotential Poster
Wed Sep 6 438 PSB Teng Ma ITP and Chinese Academy of Science, Bejing The Maximally Composite Higgs Model Poster
Fri Sep 8 120PSB Kaustubh Agashe Univ. of Maryland Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Using Energy-Peaks to Measure (new and old) Particle Masses
Wed Sep 13 Reserved    
Fri Sep 15      
Wed Sep 20 Ben Lillard UC Irvine S-Confining Product Gauge Groups and Composite Axions Poster
Fri Sep 22 Livia Soffi Cornell Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Unveiling New Physics with Photons at LHC CMS Experiment Poster
Mon Sep 25 2:15pm Nima Arkani-Hamed IAS Scattering Amplitudes in the Real World I
Tue Sep 26 2pm Nima Arkani-Hamed IAS Scattering Amplitudes in the Real World II
Wed Sep 27 2pm Nima Arkani-Hamed IAS Spacetime, Quantum Mechanics and Positive Geometry I
Thu Sep 28 2pm Nima Arkani-Hamed IAS Spacetime, Quantum Mechanics and Positive Geometry II
Fri Sep 29 Nima Arkani-Hamed IAS Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: UV/IR Correlations Solve Fine- Tuning Problems?
Wed Oct 4 Roni Harnik Fermilab Direct Detection with Neutrino Detectors and Self Destructing Dark Matter Poster
Fri Oct 6 Tao Han University of Pittsburgh Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Physics Motivations for Future Colliders Poster
Wed Oct 11    
Fri Oct 13      
Wed Oct 18 Martin Jung TU Munich Bounds on New Physics from Electric Dipole Moments Poster
Fri Oct 20      
Wed Oct 25 Edgar Shaghoulian Cornell Gauge/Gravity Duality and the Eguchi-Kawai Mechanism Poster
Thu Oct 26 John Terning UC Davis Little Conformal Symmetry Poster
Fri Oct 27 Marcelle Soares-Santos Brandeis University Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Observation of a Gravitational Wave Emitting Neutron Star Merger with the Dark Energy Camera Poster
Wed Nov 1 Joseph Bramante Perimeter Institute Finding Dark Matter With Neutron Star Mergers and Thermal Emission Poster
Fri Nov 3 David Curtin Univ. of Maryland Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: BSM Opportunities at ep Colliders Poster
Wed Nov 8 Siddharth Sharma Princeton Searching for Dark Matter Annihilation in Nearby Galaxy Groups Poster
Fri Nov 10 Jessie Shelton UIUC Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Looking for the WIMP Next Door Poster
Tue Nov 14 PSB438 Antony Speranza U. Maryland Edge Modes and Entanglement in Diffeomorphism-invariant Theories Poster
Wed Nov 15 Andreas Trautner University of Bonn CP Violation From a Symmetry Principle Poster
Fri Nov 17 Lindsey Gray FNAL Joint Experimental and Theory Seminar in Particle Physics and Cosmology: Time for an Upgrade: Trackers with Precision Timing at the HL-LHC and Beyond Poster
Tue Nov 21 Ronak Soni TIFR Mumbai BRST vs. EPR: The Maxwell Story Poster
Wed Nov 22 No Seminar    
Fri Nov 24 No Seminar    
Tue Nov 28 10:15am PSB470 Hirosi Ooguri Caltech Symmetry of Quantum Gravity and Other Swampland Constraints Poster
Wed Nov 29 Raymond Co Univ. of Michigan QCD Axion Dark Matter with f_a as low as 10^8 GeV Poster
Fri Dec 1 Scott Aaronson UT Austin Firewalls, AdS/CFT, and Computational Complexity Poster

Archive of previous seminars are available.