CLASSE: LEPP Journal Club

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Guide for Journal Club hosts

As the JC speaker's host, your role is to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the speaker information page and direct the speaker there for reimbursement instructions.
  • The coordinator has probably already arranged for an email announcement of the JC to be sent to the mailing list a few days before the talk and the day of; double check whether this is the case. The notice should include the speaker's name, talk title and abstract, and can include an invitation to meet with the speaker.
  • Make arrangements to meet the speaker on the morning of the talk. Parking is available at Wilson Lab (get a tag from the 3rd floor office). If they need to come directly to Physical Sciences, they should take the hotel shuttle.
  • Schedule appointments and/or tours for the speaker, arrange for a desk for them during gaps, and arrange lunch.
  • Help the speaker set up for the JC and host it.
  • Turn off the coffee-maker at the end of the JC!
  • Organize a dinner group.Avoid the top-priced restaurants to keep costs at a reasonable level, and any alcohol should be itemized on a bill separate from that for food.

Questions? Ask Katerina Malysheva.