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Information For Journal Club Speakers

Journal Club overview

Our seminars are typically on Friday afternoon from 3:00 to 4:00 in room 301 of the Physical Sciences Building, with pastries and coffee just before. The audience is mostly high energy physics experimentalists, including students, research associates, and faculty, and usually numbers between 15 and 40 people. Depending on the topic there may be some accelerator physicists and/or theorists. Generally afterwards a few people will gather to take you out to dinner and enjoy some of Ithaca's fine dining.

Before you come

Internet connection

Since you will quite likely want to use your laptop while you're here, you should register it ahead of time to ensure access to our wireless network. To register for wireless access in the Physical Sciences building, you will have to use the Red Rover service. If you plan on spending time at the Wilson Synchrotron or Newman Laboratory, which use a different wireless network, the registration page is here.

Travel Information

What to do

  1. Make reservations, inform seminar coordinator. Lodging will almost always be arranged for you.
  2. Finalize travel plans (see below) and inform coordinator to confirm that your lodging matches your planned dates.
  3. Please be sure to read the reimbursement information at the bottom of this page.
  4. Send title and abstract of talk, as well as an optional colorful graphic and headshot, to the coordinator.
  5. Internet connection: see above.
  6. Come to Cornell, give a talk, get reimbursement forms.
  7. Return home, mail completed forms to coordinator at Cornell, and get reimbursed.

Air tickets, car rental

  • You must fly a domestic carrier (usually to Ithaca or Syracuse). Cornell reimburses only travel cost within the US, unless other arrangements have been made with the coordinator in advance. Cornell can reimburse international airfare only if it is through a US carrier.
  • Book your flight in advance. Staying over for Saturday night will frequently reduce the airfare substantially, but of course also entails an extra night of lodging.
  • Three airlines serve Ithaca: Delta, United, and US Airways/American, and Northwest. Check the airline information or find more general travel information. No car rental is necessary if you fly to Ithaca.
  • You also can fly to Syracuse and drive from there to Ithaca, or use the Ithaca Airline Limosine Service, which runs between SYR and ITH: (607) 273-3030; 1(800) 273-9197. The driving time to Ithaca from Syracuse is about 1 hour and 15 mintues, but be warned that if you take the limosine service, you may be sharing it with other passengers and could be forced to wait for other flights to arrive.
  • Car rental: Cornell University can reimburse car rental expenditure if you fly into Syracuse.

Directions and maps

  • Directions to Ithaca from many places.
  • CU Campus Maps. The Journal Club takes place in the Physical Sciences Building, in central campus, which can be most conveniently entered through the Clark Hall entrance (adjacent to Bailey Hall). The Wilson Synchrotron Lab is near the southeast corner of campus, about ten minutes' walk from central campus. The Hotel Ithaca is in downtown Ithaca (10 minutes' drive), and several other hotels are located near the Ithaca airport (15 minutes' drive from campus).


Typically Cornell will take care of hotel reservations, once travel plans are finalized. A popular option is the Hotel Ithaca (downtown Ithaca, (607) 272-1000). The Hotel Ithaca provides a shuttle service to campus.


  • Cornell will reimburse your domestic airfare, car rental, hotel accommodation, and meal expenses.
  • The reimbursement form and detailed instructions appear below.
  • Fill out the form, attach all receipts, and sign a paper copy. Copies of receipts (instead of originals) can only be accepted if costs are shared with other institutes and Cornell University is reimbursing less than half.
  • The reimbursement form must be submitted no later than 30 days after the talk.
  • Mail the reimbursement form to

Katerina Malysheva
455 Physical Sciences Buliding
Clark Hall Mailroom
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

Day of the talk

Parking at Cornell

  • If you are going to Wilson Synchrotron Lab, you may drive, take the hotel shuttle or walk. If you drive, you may park at the upper entrance to Wilson Lab (K lot) or at the lower entrance (W lot) and the seminar coordinator can get a parking permit for you. Maps.
Many of the hotels have free campus shuttles; consult the front desk.

  • If you are going to the Physical Sciences Building (PSB), you may take the hotel shuttle, a city bus (the #10 from downtown hotels) or walk. The nearest lot to PSB is the Forest Home lot, attached to the Human Ecology building (map). For this option, you will need a temporary parking permit. If you provide your mailing address to your host or the JC coordinator, we can mail you one ahead of time. The parking at Wilson can work, but requires a ~12 minute walk to the Physical Sciences Building. Walking directly from the hotel takes about 1/2 hour from either the Best Western or the downtown hotels, and in the latter case is steeply uphill.

On campus

  • Find your host for the day, who will usually not be the seminar coordinator. When in doubt, call Yangyang Cheng, 384 Physical Sciences Building, (607) 255-5743 (5-5743 from any campus phone), Katerina Malysheva or Ryan McCarty , 455 Physical Sciences Building, 607-255-5722 (5-5722 from any campus phone).
  • Your host will get you a desk and help set you up.
  • Take a tour of the lab - CESR, CLEO, CHESS, SRF.
  • Meet people.
  • A preview for students sometimes takes place at 12noon: Room 301 Physical Sciences Building.


  • Within campus dial X-XXXX; for an outside number dial 9 first.
  • Please bring an electronic copy of your talk and provide it to your host well ahead of time.


You might also be interested in knowing more about Ithaca. If you have time, consider visiting some Ithaca attractions, like taking a walk through the Cornell Plantations, or visiting local wineries (the closest ones are on the Cayuga Wine Trail.).

Also, find out what the weather is like.