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CLASSE NEWS | 25 Sep 2009

Outstanding Researcher Award goes to SRF group's scientist

Grad student Alexander Romanenko.

Alexander Romanenko was awarded one of the two SRF09 prizes at the Berlin International SRF conference on September 25, 2009. Romanenko's PhD dissertation dealt the cause of the high field Q-slope and the baking effect cure for the high field Q-slope. He showed that dislocation clusters present in the first tens of nanometers of the surface lower the critical field for rf flux entry, and increase the resistance of flux motion with rf field due to the flux pinning properties of dislocation clusters found. He also showed that baking a smooth electropolished surface greatly reduces the density of dislocations, so curing the high field Q-slope. The dislocations heal at the baking temperature most likely by the diffusion of vacancies.

The SRF workshop distributed two awards, and it is noteworthy that the second award also recognized research from Cornell's SRF group.