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Design of the Cornell ERL Linac Cryomodule

ERL Linac Cryomodule

The design of the Cornell ERL Linac cryomodule is progressing rapidly with prototypes of the key components to be fabricated in 2010. Components being designed include:

  • the 7-cell SRF cavity
  • a more mechanically flexible and lower power RF input coupler
  • a new beamline HOM load with new RF absorbing materials
  • the cryomodule vacuum vessel
  • a magnetic shield configuration to achieve B < 2 mG at the SRF cavity
  • the full cryomodule cold mass configuration
  • calculation of the cryogenic heat loads and consequent cryoplant power consumption

ERL Linac Cryomodule Power Load

Prototypes will be made of the 7-cell SRF cavity, the RF couplers, and beamline HOM loads. Additional Linac design work will proceed in 2010 with selecting a tuner; establishing SRF cavity processing to reliably achieve Q > 2*1010; quantify the 5K and 100K He gas cooling circuit pressure drops and temperature rise for 32 modules end-to-end; design of the quadrupole, steering coil, and BPM; and finalise the Linac cryomodule cold mass configuration.