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Main Linac Cryomodule


Cornell University has been designing and building superconducting accelerators for various applications for more than 50 years. The latest accelerator module just recently completed is the Main Linac Cryomodule (MLC) which is a prototype of one of the 64 modules needed to build an energy recovery linac for x-ray science.

This module houses 6 superconducting cavities- operated at 1.8 K in continuous wave (CW) mode. Pushing the limits, a high quality factor of the cavities (2x10^10) and high beam currents (100 mA accelerated plus 100 mA decelerated) were targeted.

After more than 10 years of R&D, this module has been completed in late 2014. For testing it will move across campus on March 10th. The cool-down, similar to what they do at LHC at CERN, will start in June and we hope to have the testing done by end of 2015.

If you are interest in more details, please come back- we will be adding more details throughout the next days. You may also contact us if you are interested to get involved. There are opportunities for undergrads!

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