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Remote REU 2021 Projects

Neil Stillin TBD
"Developing components for a new compact SRF cryomodule"


Jim Crittenden, Co-mentor: Suntao Wang TBD
"Numerical Magnet Modeling and Tracking Analysis for the South Arc of the Cornell Electron Storage Ring"

Abstract: The design, fabrication and detailed understanding of static magnetic fields are essential components in the development and operation of particle accelerators.

Material properties and space constraints are among the considerations contributing to the magnet engineering design process. This project will take the participant through the magnet design process, finite-element modeling calculations, and the implementation of these in the lattice model either as field maps or in parameterized form. The full-ring model is used both for beam optics development and for optics correction procedures during operation of the storage ring.

Of particular interest are optics corrections and tracking analysis for the recently-installed magnets in the south arc of the Cornell Electron Storage Ring.

Kirsten Dietrick TBD
"Optimizations and Beam Dynamics for Accelerator Design and Simulations"


Carl Franck TBD
"X-Ray Spectroscopy for Atomic and Quantum Materials Physics"

Abstract: The participant would join in our exploration of either fundamental photon-electron interactions or electronic interaction effects in quantum matter. Please see, and for our recent and current efforts. There will be opportunities in one or more of the following areas, depending on their interests and the state of the projects when the participant joins our group: data analysis, advanced x-ray detector and data acquisition system development, numerical and analytical efforts for the design of new experiments and understanding of completed runs.

Chad Pennington & William Li TBD
"Detecting ultrafast phenomena with relativistic electron spectroscopy"


Matt Andorf & Sam Levenson TBD
"Development of an Emittance Measurement System for a 200 keV electron gun"


Jacob Ruff & Purnima Ghale TBD
"Neural nets inspired by X-ray image analysis"

Abstract: Intended applications have strongly influenced the development of popular neural networks -- consider the influence of computer vision, control theory, and statistical mechanics questions on the current state of Convolutional, Generative-Adversarial, and Restricted Boltzmann Machine neural networks. As we work at CHESS to build custom tools to analyze the reciprocal space of quantum materials, what computational graphs and network architectures do they imply? We seek an REU researcher to help investigate these questions, working at the boundary between x-ray science, materials science, and data science.

Colwyn Gulliford TBD
"Advanced simulations of the Cornell Photoinjector for Ultra Fast Electron Diffraction"


Kate Shanks TBD
"Development of a detector simulation testbench for CHESS timing mode"

Abstract: Experiments that use fast, gated detectors to exploit the pulse structure of storage ring sources allow us to probe the structure and behavior of matter at the picosecond timescale. However, these experiments can push the boundaries of the temporal response of standard area detectors, especially at high photon energies where high-Z and/or thick sensors are required. This project will be centered on developing a suite of code to simulate the sensor and front-end detector electronics response to single bunches of x-rays, with a focus on evaluating detector performance for various fill patterns that have been proposed for a possible CHESS timing mode.

Thomas Oseroff TBD
"Numerical estimates of superconducting properties in impurity-doped vanadium"


Projects are being added; check back periodically for updated project listing. You don't have to wait for all the projects to be posted here to apply - if you get selected for our program, we will contact you further with selection options.