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2023 Projects

Keara Soloway Rachel Farley
Create "CHAP-"based workflow for combined XRD/XRF

The ChessAnalysisPipeline (CHAP) is a framework of modular building blocks that can be used to construct data processing workflows for different kinds of X-ray experiments. This project asks the student to develop a tool that assists in processing X-ray fluorescence (XRF) data within the CHAP framework. They will write an implementation of a python object (a "Processor") that takes a map of Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA) data as input and outputs a map of element concentrations. The Processor will use PyMCA to get element concentrations from the spectra provided, and output the results in NeXus format.

Peter Ko Vann Montoya
RAMS IV Metadata Capture

The Rotation and Axial Motion System IV (RAMSIV) is a specialized mechanical load frame designed for in-situ, high-energy X-ray tension, fatigue, and torsion experiments at the synchrotron. RAMSIV generates many metadata signals consisting of internal feedback and external voltage signals. These data need to be converted into a manageable format that conforms to existing data processing workflows. To exercise this metadata conversion – we will have the student build our new Digital Image Correlation (DIC) setup designed by the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) and perform some mechanical tests on the load frame without X-rays.

Sven Gustafson Nikona Rousseau
Profiling laser to meshed sample for complex geometry

To characterize elastic strain in a sample or part, the part must be placed and manipulated precisely in the beamline. SMB recently procured a line profiling laser – this laser simultaneously reads 100’s of displacement positions along the illumination line. This project will focus on setting up the profiling laser & taking data on various geometries that will be designed and 3D printed in house by the student (geometries can be anything, but will include airfoils and rotor geometries). The student will also process this data and work on various surface fitting calculations in Python.

Kirt Page Cullen O’Neill
FMB Linkham stage commissioning

The overall goal of this project is to commission the Linkam modular force stage for tensile testing and morphological investigation of high-performance polymers and polymer matrix composites. The student will develop SOPs for operating the Linkam and configure its setup for in-situ SAXS/WAXS. A secondary goal will be to investigate the structure and mechanical properties of a polymer matrix composite system. The student will explore parameters that impact the development of crystalline structure in the polymer matrix (e.g. temperature, strain, filler morphology).