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Cornell University


CLASSE stands for Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based ScienceS and Education

REU 2024 Projects

Kate ShanksKaylee Jones

"Image correction algorithms for high-speed x-ray radiography"


Liana and GabrielLeaf Kullgren

"Upgrading Nb3Sn Vapor Diffusion Furnace Control"


Nicole Verboncoeur, Adam Holic, and Jake ParsonsMeg Farinsky

"Designing a High-Pressure Rinse Mount for Superconducting Material Samples"


Gabriel, LianaSkyla Hong

"Improving Control GUI and Plasma System for Chemical Vapor Deposition"


Sadie, Nicole, NathanLaraib Irfan

"Temperature Mapping System Design for 2.6 GHz Superconducting Radio-Frequency Cavities"


ThomasJack Caputo

"Consideration of microwave cavity ports in electromagnetic FEM solvers"


Cristobal Mendez, NathanRichard Zheng

"Density-Functional Theory Investigation of Impurity Interactions Near Niobium Surfaces"


Nathan, SadieKirin Chanteloup

"Impurity Diffusion Modeling of Niobium Surfaces for Superconducting Radio-Frequency"


Tyler WuEthan Kahn

"Theoretical study of the effects of capping layers on photocathodes using ab initio molecular dynamics "


Matt GordonFelix Gonzalez

"Studying Time Dependent Ion-back Bombardment Effects in HERACLES"


Elena EcheverriaNatalie Gonzalez

"Synthesis and characterization of alkali antimonide films"


Matt AndorfLily Smith

"Modeling Ultrafast Electron Diffraction Data"


Karl SmolenskiHector 'Manfredo' Ochoa-Aragon

"Next Generation Barrel Detector Mechanics"


Karl Smolenski + Joseph GrassiJillian Cola

"TFPX Module Testing"


Michael Oshiro, Anders RydDicken Martinez

"Higgs reconstruction at FCC-ee"


Ben Keller ( Holt

"Designing, building, and testing instrumentation for novel astronomical cameras"


Matt SignorelliGavin Hunsche

"Nonlinear Particle Tracking using GPUs"


Suchi Sarker, Valentin KuznetsovNathan Martuza

"Integration of Machine-learning algorithms to MLHub@CHEXS"


Matthias L.Juan Arreola

"High Q normal conducting cavites"


TBDRami Husseini