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SRF11 posters

SRF Graduate students with their posters during the 2011 conference on RF superconductivity.

Graduate and undergraduate students:

Interested in performing cutting edge research in RF superconductivity and accelerator physics? Contact me! We are always looking for motivated talents interested in joining our group!

News: Opportunity for graduate students:

We currently have one open position for a graduate student, so let us know soon if you want to know more about this opportunity. Have a look at the work of our current grad students and our publications to get an overview of the wide spectrum of research our grad student are doing. We have a very strong group of excellent grad students, and can offer cutting edge research in RF superconductivity and accelerator physics to motivated grad student.

News: Opportunity for undergraduate students:

Motivated undergrad students are encouraged to contact me about research opportunities in our group. Over the last 5 years, we had more than 20 undergrad students doing research in our group (see current undergrads and alumni for a list of current and alumni undergrad students). You could be the next student joining us! Prerequisites are a good background in physics, preferable including some basic understanding of E&M. Programming skills like Matlab or Labview are always welcome. Most undergrads do research with us for credit as independent study.

The Cornell ERL injector SRF module

The superconducting injector cryomodule installed in the Cornell ERL prototype injector.